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Supercharger - Chula Vista, CA (LIVE 4 Aug 2020, 16 V3 stalls)

With the Downtown San Diego Supercharger location completing construction in the next few weeks, I would hope the construction crew would move on to the next planned site. Chula Vista has a SC site targeted to open by the end of the year, so I thought would throw out 3 possible locations to best serve the Tesla community.

#1 - Westfield Plaza Bonita - west side parking lot
Conveniently located at the 805 and 54 freeway with relatively easy freeway access. Tesla has worked with Westfield up in Culver City, so there may be precedence.

#2 - Terra Nova Plaza - H Street right next to the 805
The parking lot next to Petco Unleashed is largely underutilized. It is located right next to the 805 with high visibility from the freeway. H Street is a gateway for the newer developments in Eastlake, San Miguel Ranch, Otay Ranch, Ranch Del Rey.

#3 - Otay Ranch Towne
Newest upscale outdoor mall in Chula Vista near the Olympic training center. It has all the amenties and is similar to San Clemente mall SC. The south side parking lot is underutlized and would be an ideal location with easy access off the 125. The downside is this location is on the east side of the city and would best serve upscale locals that reside there.
My suggestions on the above three would be #2, then #1, and not in favor of any Supercharger in the East Lake area, as 125 is a toll road. A possible additional choice would be down near the San Ysidro border crossing and I-5, or off the I-5 near the "J" street Marina area.
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J Street Marina area is a good secondary outlet for Downtown and Coronado. The San Ysidro border area is pretty congested and the Outlet mall parking is overcrowded. I can’t visualize any good areas down there with easy access right now.

I hope Chula Vista does not pursue a SC in downtown 3rd and F. The Park Plaza multistory garage is already populated with fast charge DC Blink Systems and the top floor as shown in the picture is 90% empty. It would make sense with available infrastructure but it located midway between the 805 and 5 - a good 5-10 minutes away from the freeways. Do not put it here Tesla!
Does anyone know the names of the various contractors Tesla is using for the Supercharger construction projects in San Diego / SOCAL? Running Tesla searches through the Chula Vista City Permit website is only yielding Solar projects so far. If Tesla is still on timeline for an end of 2018 opening, permitting should occur soon.

Chula Vista permit link:
City of Chula Vista, CA | Citizen Access

I've had some success searching for Black & Veatch on that website. They would make a lot of sense as they have partnered with both Chula Vista and Tesla for EV charging infrastructure projects.

The chatter from the Service Center and Fashion Valley is that once One Paseo is complete up north in Del Mar, the Chula Vista Supercharger will be installed ahead of El Cajon and San Ysidro. Since there have been many Target partnerships as of late, it would be prudent to add the Eastlake Target location speculation to the list above. Appears there are already over 100 solar panels on the roof of the Target while east side of the building has 20 parking stalls in a row that are almost always vacant on the east side of the buillding. It is not the most convenient location to the 5 or 805 but may serve as a great stop for those southern travellers coming through the Otay Mesa border crossing and using the 125 to avoid the Tijuana crossing. Maybe the Tesla regional charging infrastructure manager, Nate Anderson, will tell us soon... and a slight delay toward the second half of 2019 would be fine if V3 Superchargers are installed. What say you, South County SD?
The Tesla heat map suggests the highest density of cars in the Otay Ranch Town Center / Millenia section of Chula Vista. Locating the Chula Vista Supercharger Station on the south side of Otay Ranch Town Center depicted below would be the best utilization of this empty parking lot and would service the growing Millenia development as well as the border traffic traveling through the Otay Mesa checkpoint and the 125 freeway. Alternatively, if the Tesla relationship with Target is in effect, the Target/Lowes parking lot at Eastlake Parkway and Otay Lakes Rd has two prime locations for a Supercharger Station. Both these location have easy access and plenty of dining options. If Tesla goes this route, the anticipated San Ysidro Supercharger Station should probably be located near the I-5 border crossing so that both ports of entry are covered. Hoping that construction on these South Bay Superchargers can start sometime this year as promised. Thoughts?



Nice find! You've been really diligent about looking, glad it payed off finally.

Confirmation that it's a supercharger can been seen in the online permit record, the Related Contacts lists someone with a Tesla email address. Or, in the bottom picture (in the left background), you can see the precast bases for the charging pedestals lined up.

@BlueShift @Chuq @MarcoRP

I always thought the most logical and convenient location would be Plaza Bonita - its a pretty big mall right off the I805 and 54. Easily accessible from I5 as well.

This eastlake location is a little off's way - the only "fast" way would be via 125 which is a toll road, otherwise you would have to take Telegraph Canyon / Otay Lakes road for a few miles.

Although The majority of Teslas in CV are located in EastLake / Otay Ranch, most of the houses have garages so i would think they can charge at home.

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They poured the concrete pad for the cabinets and installed new curbing. There are also 12 oval shaped precast Supercharger pedestals onsite. Total of 16 upright conduits installed for the stalls - 12 Supercharger + 4 Chargepoint. Construction is moving along nicely. I suspect the pedestals will be dropped into their stalls this week. No sign of the electrical cabinets or Supercharger stations onsite but there is a large storage container where those are probably locked up. This appears to be a V3 Supercharger station based on the conduit layout at the cabinet pad.

Location is 5 miles from I-805, but at least amenities are good.

Better location than otay ranch town center in my opinion.

Still i think they overestimated the value of being in close proximity to Route 125, which is a toll road in this southern section that has low traffic count.
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I heard that Target Supercharger locations under construction are in a sprint ahead of Thanksgiving and that activity will slow down to reduce impact on the Holiday Shopping season. One of the workers said this site won’t open until after the new year... there is also timing with new V3 equipment to contend with... we will see if this and other Target Supercharger construction sites are affected.
The construction crew completed all of the mechanicals this week and restored/resurfaced the asphalt. All of the pedestals are in place, so we can get a sense for the stall layout depicted below. When I chatted with the crew last week, they thought this location would not be completed until after the New Year. It appears there is some indefinite delay with V3 hardware at the moment and other threads seem to confirm this. I anticipate that the construction crew will reposition their equipment at the UTC Supercharger location on La Jolla Village Drive in the next week or so.

IMG_9128 (2).jpg
IMG_9140 (2).jpg
IMG_9143 (2).jpg
I didn't know handicap only charging spots where a thing.

Are those handicapped exclusive? Aka like a regular blue spot where you can get fined, or are those courtesy ones where handicapped have priority but anyone can still use them if empty?
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