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Supercharger - Clearfield/DuBois, PA (I-80 Corridor)

With the Tannersville Supercharger opening soon and the Macedonia Supercharger already in place, there is but one missing link on the I-80 corridor in Pennsylvania. Tesla's map suggests a location closer to I-79 (like Clintonville, PA) but I'm starting this thread now as-- inevitably-- there will be a Supercharger coming and I'm hoping to "lobby" Tesla in to moving it more centrally. At the very least, it will provide a thread to compile info as none of the townships involved seem to post building permits online.

Here's the note I recently sent to Tesla, making the case for Clearfield, followed by their response:

The speculation from the Supercharger maps on the Tesla website is that a Supercharger somewhere approximating Clintonville, PA is the next location to appear.

If that is the case, I would like to lobby/argue in favor of moving that allocated charger more to the east. As you can see in the attached map (from Supercharge.info), if I place 125 mile circles on the known charger locations, Clearfield, PA becomes perfectly centered between them. Clintonville is woefully too far west and completely unnecessary to reach Erie (if that Supercharger ever appears).

Note also that Exit 120, just north of the town, has a whole host of amenities -- shopping/eating opportunities plus several hotels -- all located within a tight radius of the exit itself. (see attached map)

Another consideration I would like to point out is how much the elevation changes in that area. Just a few miles west, near Exit 111, is the highest point on I-80 East of the Mississippi River. Locating a Supercharger near such a significant "mountain to climb" would make for easy adjustments by drivers going both directions.

Drivers going West would encounter it immediately after leaving Clearfield and could charge accordingly. Drivers going East would encounter is late in their run-- but even if they misjudged it, it's early enough that they could-- worst case scenario-- still "ride the regen" all the way down the other side an into Clearfield.

Clintonville, on the other hand, would tempt people to use more energy and be caught flatfooted (so to speak) when travelling West-- having undercharged in Tannersville-- while drivers going East might find themselves likewise underpowered, having judged the route strictly by the miles involved and not the elevation changes ahead (the Clintonville area is quite flat, comparatively).

supercharger - clearfield please.JPG
clearfield amenities.JPG

tesla reply.JPG


S P4996 ==> P02547
Supporting Member
Apr 27, 2012
Bradfordwoods, PA
Dear Tesla, my 2012 Model S now has 50,000 miles on it, and I still cannot drive North or East from Pittsburgh in Winter conditions, because there is no Supercharger in Erie, Clearfield or Harrisburg, PA. These are all sites that have been listed on the Supercharger maps since 2013, often listed as Coming Soon. It is almost 2016. This is a major gap in I-90, I-80, I-76 and I-86 routes across PA and NY, for which we have had several threads and direct communications with the Supercharger team over the years.

Please understand that I will not be able to purchase my Model X, whose reservation just became available for configuration, due to this oversight and lack of appropriate attention.


Active Member
Apr 20, 2013
This is my sentiment from a previous post in the Whitehall thread.

I can not begin to tell you how frustrated I have been with Central PA Superchargers.

I was told when we got our car fall of 2013 that Harrisburg (Mechanicsburg specifically) was going to start construction any day now. And since then there have been at least 5 let downs for sites being picked and permits getting ready then permits being canceled, PA being top priority, etc. The central pa dots were on the 2014 map when we bought our car. Yet there still is not one made active.

If we are traveling long distance we are fine but for mid distance trips it is really frustrating because everything that is more than a 50% charge away is either driving 15 mph under the speed limit or finding one of the very few hotels with destination chargers. I can't make a day trip to the service center with out driving 1.5 hours out of my way to Newark to make the return trip.

So to get a realistic picture of how far you can travel in the winter in our area draw a circle 90 miles out (if you have an 85) and that is your range for an out and back trip. Everything from the edge of that circle to the next supercharger is not possible for a day trip. For multi destinations you have to bring that circle in and then that really requires some in depth planning.

I am beyond getting excited about dots on a map, permits being issued or even conex boxes showing up. The only thing at this point that will make me have hope in one of these central PA sites going live is when I see construction photos with the chargers attached to the ground.

So for dots on a map... Don't hold your breath.

I agree with the others about Clearfield. This section of I-80 is also 70mph with a lot of big rig traffic. I have traveled this stretch of road before with the cruise set at 52mph so I could make my destination and it is quite harrowing, not to mention dangerous.

Reviewing plug share also shows that there are no places to make plan B stops. I have had to contact campgrounds in advance to make arrangements to charge for a few hours to make my destination.

As an early adopter I am ok with doing this, however I feel it is annoying and I also do not think that this will be acceptable for the main stream.

Harrisburg is also a major sticking point because with out it, that means for us to get to the "Supercharger Network" to head south east down the coast, we have to go west for an hour before we can begin going south east.

Thank you very much for Tannersville and Whitehall, both of these locations will make it possible for us to easily make it to NYC.
Yep. I was "promised" a viable Supercharger corridor on the PA Turnpike back in October 2013: TESLA Pittsburgh.com: Part 6: To Boldly Go Whe-- Oh, Nevermind.

I placed an order largely based on that. Cancelled it. Then re-ordered the car the following Spring (2014) based on NEW assures that PA would be getting Superchargers to connect us East.

Hasn't happened.

Like Jake, I enjoy the car and am a big booster for the company but my patience has worn thin in this area.
We will soon be just ONE Supercharger short of connecting each of those routes (the Turnpike and on I-80) in the same month...

...and yet without those final chargers...

...it means NOTHING TO ME.
I think Tesla's 'coming soon' map has a pin on Harrisburg. I don't put too much faith in their maps, but usually the coming soon ones happen pretty quickly.

I'll be ecstatic with that route, even though i80 is my preferred route to Pittsburgh. Harrisburg to the thruway is only about 20 minutes more.

Imho, i80 is missing two superchargers to make it viable. One around dubois, and one in the state college or Williamsport area.
If it helps, here's the current full sized map so you can see the pins a little better.

Looks like a coming soon around Baltimore/Bethesda, indeed looks like one around Harrisburg, and the Allentown and Tannersville SCs that are under construction. Wonder if anyone is driving around Harrisburg and Bethesda yet trying to find those locations.

Williamsport area, too, please!


Well-Known Member
Jul 12, 2012
Clintonville would be an I-80 only site, so not ideal.

To me, Mercer (15), DuBois (97), New Columbia (210) seem a more natural combination as they'd all be close to intersections with N-S highways or Interstates. It would mean a 114 stretch over the high point, which isn't ideal, but it's not like it's a Rocky Mountain pass. But, there wouldn't be lots of options in all of those locations.


X at the end of a rainbow
Supporting Member
Yeah, i would have rather had Scranton than tannersville.

I'm not sure i can afford to stop in tannersville if my wife is with me...

No tax on clothes in PA. I honestly do not understand why people bus in from NY to go to the Crossings, but I guess it is the sales tax. Kind of like when I go to Jersey I get gas because it is 30¢ a gallon cheaper. But I wouldn't pay to cross the bridge unless there was some other reason to be there. I guess once I get the X no reason to go to Jersey any more. ;-) Except once a year for Tesla service.


Space Weatherman
Dec 13, 2013
Annapolis, MD
Ok, but don't forget that ideal spacing along major routes is not the only consideration. There is also the matter of hitting the crossing of major routes, to get two with a single site. From my perspective in the DC area trying to get to Rochester NY is currently impossible and a charger is essential in the vicinity of Williamsport or Lewisburg, so the crossroads of I-80 would be nearly ideal.

Another in the vicinity of Corning NY would also be great, picking up I86 as well as I390 into Rochester.


Active Member
Apr 20, 2013
US 219 at Dubois is pretty heavily traveled as well. I think the Milton/Williamsport area and State College/ Bellefonte area will also get one.

Seeing Weis getting a supercharger in Harrisburg has me wondering about the Bellefonte Weis just 2 miles from the I80-I99 interchange.

With the Model 3 coming out in 18 months there is some massive supercharger expansion that should be happening within the next year.

Erie and Harrisburg are good evidence of PA starting to get some love. And that is rather quickly on the heals of Allentown.
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X at the end of a rainbow
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US 219 at Dubois is pretty heavily traveled as well. I think the Milton/Williamsport area and State College/ Bellefonte area will also get one.

Seeing Weis getting a supercharger in Harrisburg has me wondering about the Bellefonte Weis just 2 miles from the I80-I99 interchange.

With the Model 3 coming out in 18 months there is some massive supercharger expansion that should be happening within the next year.

Erie and Harrisburg are good evidence of PA starting to get some love. And that is rather quickly on the heals of Allentown.

And Tannersville, the first the leg of the I80 corridor. :)


Space Weatherman
Dec 13, 2013
Annapolis, MD
So, since we're posting wishlists, here's how I hope it pans out:

View attachment 103974

Clearfield / Lewisburg on i80,
Carlisle on i76/81

Those are 50 mile circles, so if they overlap it's an ideal distance (~100 miles).

Yeah but who's going to go south to Pittsburg almost and then continue on I-80 east, or vice versa going west? Splitting the difference on I-80 is probably the origin of Brookville, but the intersection with 219 gets a two-fer.


Active Member
Apr 20, 2013
I think Grove City outlets will get one eventually too.

With more and more Teslas on the road IMO it will make more sense to have more stations at a higher density than larger stations with fewer locations.

The more you can hit locations that are enroute and keep people from having to drive 30 minutes out of their way the better.

As early adopters we understand that we may have some inconvenient charge locations. However as the mainstream picks up that will be less and less acceptable.

Plus you will also have the overcrowding reasons. I would like to have the option to skip a station and one t for the next one on my route than having to stop at every station or go out of our way to find one like we do now.

My guess is there is a sweet spot in station density they are shooting for. My guess is 50-75 miles between stations. For a 200 mile range that seems to be pretty good for all weather, speeds, and terrain conditions.


Vision without execution is hallucination
Mar 19, 2014
WA State
Agreed! Tesla has their work cut out for them in this area, especially given the topography-driven multiple crossroads and reality of heavy snows. Here are a couple more suggestions, all of which depend on the ultimate SC spacing being less than 150 mi, maybe eventually as low as 100 mi. There are certainly lots of alternatives which can move the spacing one direction or the other.

Since there is no exit at the intersection of I-79 and I-80, another possible in-fill location is:
Youngstown near Exit 223 of I-80 at 851 N Canfield Niles Rd, Austintown, OH 44515
Starbucks, Fairfield Inn, Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn, Country Inn, Perkins, Cracker Barrel
With this area added, then travel east on I-80 is a bit easier.

Alternatively, just east of I-79 is another travel center area at 5742 PA-8,Harrisville, PA 16038

Bellefonte, Milton, Williamsport: This is most difficult area:
Milton Area at I-180: Holiday Inn, Quality Inn, Steakhouse near 160 Commerce Park Dr, New Columbia, PA 17856
Other side of triangle at exit 173: Several travel centers, Quality/Hampton Inns near 31 Hospitality Ln, Mill Hall, PA 17751

Finally, I like DuBois as well due to the N/S route on 219:
Mall, various eateries, Fairfield Inn, Hampton Inn, Movie Theater near 5522 Shaffer Rd, DuBois, PA 15801
Alternatively: Holiday Inn, Clarion, Travel Center near 1690 Rich Hwy, DuBois, PA 15801

Alternatively, here's another possibility with travel centers:
Quality Inn and fast food near 971 N Eagle Valley Rd, Milesburg, PA 16853

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