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Supercharger - Copperopolis, CA (LIVE 31 Mar 2021, 12 V3 stalls)

I saw a posting on Next Door (Nextdoor is the neighborhood hub for trusted connections and the exchange of helpful information, goods, and services. Join your neighborhood.) showing a picture of the Superchargers being installed in Copperopolis, CA.
Coordinates: 37° 58.372'N 120° 39.196'W Looks like 12 from the picture, but could be more. Also look like V3 chargers.
I'm sure a few locals consider it a destination, but the biggest value of this supercharger is for visitors to nearby Yosemite National Park.
I think it will be of value from anyone heading to Yosemite (or the Eastern Sierras in the summer) from Napa, Sonoma, Vallejo, Concord, Antioch, and the Sacramento area and beyond. This town is on Hwy 4 which is a pretty good route that seems to be directly on the way to Yosemite from the previously mentioned origins.
My guess is that this location along with Jackson (and eventually Sonora) is to open up the Sierra foothills and to provide easy driving across the mountains to the eastern Sierra and Mono County. Highway 88 is open year around (with occasional closures due to avalanche control) but highways 4 and 108 are seasonal.

In addition, highway 4 is one lane for about 25 miles east of the Mt. Reba turnoff.
Getting Merced, Mariposa and El Portal will be another key to unlocking Yosemite to travel from the Bay Area as 140 is the most scenic route and the All Weather Highway that follows the Merced Wild and Scenic River and is open when 120 and 41 are closed because of snow as those routes involve much higher elevations.


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Copperopolis is my FAVORITE city in the foothills, and I ALWAYS wanted to move there, until I was there in the summer, just like the whole Central Valley, it gets HOT. But other than the name, it is NOT a destination. Literally one mall and a few houses. More boat and RV storage per capita than many towns.

My nephew in law used to live in Folsom and when he came to visit us at the cabin he came thru that town, for us we go back to the Bay Area from Sonora where the cabin is thru Manteca which now has TWO (count them) TWO Superchargers. It would be great if we got one in Sonora but it no longer appears on Tesla's map of future sites. Getting over the pass would require sitting at the Manteca chargers and taking them from 70% to ~100%, takes too long. Glad I have a cabin already up the mountain that I can stop and charge at over lunch. How do others do it?

Coming the other way I can charge on the way over the pass and then it's all downhill so could probably make it to Manteca, but I have never tried. It's a shame cause I ALWAYS recommend the Sonora Pass as some of the best driving I have ever done in the Tesla.

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Looks like 3 cabinets in the back so 12 V3 makes sense. Maybe a thread title change?

Supercharger - Copperopolis, CA (under construction March 2021, 12 V3 stalls)

And it looks like per the coordinates posted the address will be approximately 100 Town Square Dr.
Copperopolis, CA

Along Primary Interstates: None
Along US Numbered Highways (<=5mi): None
Along Auxiliary Interstates: None
Along State Routes: CA-4


From: Antioch, CA - 70.4 miles
To: End (CA-89 Markleeville, CA) - 88.8 miles
Diversion: 0 miles
From: Start (I-80 Hercules, CA) - 101.7 miles

To: Gardnerville, NV (CA-4, CA-89, US-395) - 110.5 miles
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Can someone inform me if this town is on the way to a popular destination, or is a destination itself?
Ha! Calaveras County is one of the best kept secrets. This is the place that changed Cali forever as this was the place were gold was discovered. You can still see the history of the mid 1800's everywhere. This is a great supercharger placement as If you continue on Highway 4 (east) you'll hit Angels Camp, Murphy's, Arnold and then the ski resort Bear Valley. Many bay area folks have 2nd homes in Arnold. I call Arnold the poor man's Tahoe (I'm gonna get killed for that ;-). There are three really good golf courses in the county. Home to probably 30 wineries in Murphy's alone and an easy 1/4 mile walk from each other on the main drag. Their St. Patty's Day celebration is one of the best. The outdoor concerts at Ironstone Winery is world class along along with their Fourth of July celebration. Angel's Camp is famous for the world championship frog jumping contest. There's actually a lot of things always going on. See for yourself... Start your adventure - GoCalaveras.com Hope that helps...
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