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Supercharger - Devonport, Tas


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Jul 1, 2017

Yes, they said "Australia's first Tesla supercharger", just ignore that minor inaccuracy :)
They have corrected the text to say “Australia’s first V3 Tesla supercharger”.

Also, the photo of Spirit of Tasmania CEO Bernard Dwye... I don’t know what he’s trying to plug into, but it ain’t gonna fit! 🤣

Are V3 Superchargers CCS2 only?
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Jan 1, 2015
Hobart, Tas, Aus
They have corrected the text to say “Australia’s first V3 Tesla supercharger”.

Also, the photo of Spirit of Tasmania CEO Bernard Dwye... I don’t know what he’s trying to plug into, but it ain’t gonna fit! 🤣

Are V3 Superchargers CCS2 only?
Looks like that CCS2 connector has the CCS2-Type 2 adaptor on it ready for use on that Type 2 Model X .. so all OK :) Yes V3 is CCS2 only.
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It is the fastest charger in Australia. V3 . And that is a good thing because you wouldn't want to miss the boat!
I travel frequently, just arrived this morning again. I don't see the SC being so useful for Spirit travellers but Devonport needs one, and why not at the ferry? Perhaps TT-Line made an attractive offer.
I understand SCs are also to go in at Launceston and Hobart.
My M3 will be arriving this month. What with the lockdown in Vic I wont be getting tuition 1 on 1, the book is 229 pages :)) Delivery is by a third party out of Devonport, which they do when the customer is over 250 km away. I bought it from Chadstone, minutes before the lockdown.
Anyway the charger will be welcome if we cant quite make it home from Hobart, and if Spirit passengers are not using it, and if it isn't broken.
(White on white)
If anyone has used the Devonport supercharger, how much do they charge (in dollars) ?
$0.51 per kWh.

Let me correct that, $0.51 per kWh ROUNDED up to next full kWh.
For my last charge at Devonport, TeslaFi says I used/added 23.97 kWh to my car, but it was rounded up to 24 kWh for the payment.
At the Gundagai Supercharger 5 days later, TeslaFi says I used/added 26.28 kWh, but Tesla rounded it to 27 kWh for the payment.
note: I don't mind paying up to an extra $0.51, as I have lots of free charging most all other times, but I do think they need to go to at least 1 decimal place for the amount filled at some time in the future.
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TT-Line announced last week that they are building a new Spirit of Tasmania terminal, just under a kilometre south of the current berth. It will both accommodate the new, larger ships and also, based on the images, be significantly nicer looking - not just a makeshift industrial precinct like it is now.

The TT-Line CEO (himself a Model 3 owner) confirmed in our FB group that the supercharger will be relocated into this new area. Other media statements suggest that there will also be some public DC fast charging included as well. The build starts mid next year and will be a two year process, so nothing to stress about in the short term if you're travelling here!
Would it be too much to ask to install a few dozen/hundred slow chargers on the Spirit ships themselves? Pump out as much juice as possible while on shore power at each end, and then trickle charge while underway.
I read this is planned for the new ships. Something like 20-30 charging bays per ship. Worth noting, any charging done on board will be coming from diesel generators, so on shore charge up in Tassie is better!

[Edit: Thinking about it perhaps EV charging could be used as some sort of dynamic load to smooth out the electrical system on the ship; i.e. it just takes whatever power would have been generated/wasted. Not sure, just a possibility]
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Talking to the guys who direct the cars on and off at each end.
They absolute love EV's coming onboard.
It means one less polluting ICE. Even with signs all over the place to asking vehicle owners to leave their engines off whilst waiting to disembark, there is a LOT of pollution being generated. I opened my window and it stank of petrol/diesel.
btw, I wouldn't use onboard charging anyway. I'd don't think I'd trust the quality of the electricity. I could image the volts/hertz would be all over the place. And of course, Tesla have good charging infrastructure in Devonport and near Geelong (when they relocate from Port Melbourne).
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I w
I am currently in Tasmania having travelled down from Sydney and taking the ferry. We stopped at Moonee Ponds supercharger and got some dinner before getting onto the ferry.
A quick top up at the CCS2 charger in Campbell uuuuu made the trip to Hobart easy.
A charger in Davenport would actually be more useful for the return journey, allowing us to charge before getting on the ferry so we could drive off and start heading straight out of Melbourne.
I was stymied in Campbell Town because the Charger sign said that my Visa card was invalid. The card works everywhere else.

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