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Supercharger - Dublin, OH

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Was out and about this evening and noticed some construction taking place in the corner of the Sawmill Rd Meijer parking lot. Nothing Tesla specific, but a bunch of conduit buried along a strip of parking spots all going to the same spot says electric car charging infrastructure of some type to me, so make of it what you will. I’m hoping it’s the coming in 2018 Dublin, Oh pin on the Supercharger map.

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It has been on the Tesla Supercharger map as "coming soon" for the last 1-2 months. I was just wondering where they were going to put it.
Thanks for the discovery.
It appears that Tesla is also going to put one near Polaris.
No work today, too wet.
View attachment 292328 View attachment 292329 Went to the construction site today, again, no much happened. A lot of pipes (conduits). A Meijer employee who was out collecting shopping carts flagged me down and told me "they're building a charger for your car!" He told me a worker that was there told him that. So that counts as another verification that it's a supercharger.
Ton of rain this week. And the permit is registered to a 419 area code so these guys may not even be local. Trying to get in touch with the crew to take them lunch though.
I am afraid given the very close proximity to the restaurants (as seen in the pics above) these spots are going to be ICE'd a lot. I hope the signage they put up will be strict in about no parking other than charging.

There is plenty of parking in the lot meant for the restaurants. Before they started building this I never saw anyone parked in these spots. This is separated by a driveway and is in the corner of a big box retail store lot.
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Glad to see everyone else has the same suspicions about this being the Dublin Supercharger. I just bought a 2014 Model S CPO in February and this would be much more convenient than Grove City until I get a NEMA 14-50 installed in my garage as part of a new driveway install. That is delayed until the weather improves. Hopefully this gets done before my driveway project!