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Supercharger - Glendale, CA (LIVE 29 Mar 2018, 20 urban stalls)

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Americana at Brand parking, level 7, across from elevators.
20 Urban chargers. (10 on one side of stairwell, and 10 on the other side)

update on Glendale location: fences are down, bumpers installed, new space markings painted and it's charging
Excellent, thanks for your report! Thread title updated. :)

They don't appear numbered yet, so they probably aren't official...
The pedestals are numbered, look again at the first photo @WalterB posted: there is a number at the base of the pedestal.

The numbers on the “Urban” style pedestals are in a different location than on the traditional Supercharger pedestals.

And then I had to pause for a moment and ponder my use of the word “traditional” when referring to the Tesla Supercharger network. ;) It has been in operation for well over 5 years now! So perhaps that word is appropriate.
Friday at 1pm I was the only one there. At 50% battery level I maxed out at 55kW. Just wanted to make sure Supercharging worked. As of yesterday, there is no record of the session in my car. It says "no recent Supercharging". Interesting.