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Supercharger - Hawthorne, CA - Tesla Design Center (CLOSED TO PUBLIC 19 Jul 2021, 8 V2 + 2 V3 stalls)

Look at this picture, is this new construction battery swap?


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My understanding is incomplete, but I think I remember Elon saying that battery storage would be implemented at SuperCharger stations in order to upgrade their capability. I also think that Hawthrone was going to be the first place to get the 120kw upgraded SuperChargers. It could be both, one of the other, or perhaps neither. That is my speculation.
Supercharger - Hawthorne (2015 expansion & dashboard in lobby)

I work in the same complex as the Hawthorne Supercharger and pass by it everyday. It's incredible to see the amount Tesla's coming through here, so much so they added another two charging spots on the opposite side of the supercharger in the lot.

Any of you use this charging station regularly? Since I work close by I can easily post updates and photos of what the traffic is like here.


Photo by: Linhbergh
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I was there the other day and the Dashboard was down, listing an error message of sorts.
I emailed TM and requested that they post this online. They responded with something that basically said "Good idea. We'll think about it."
I charge there about 4-6 times a month. The large screen showing the usage of all Superchargers has been down for a while now. Just been there two days ago again, still nothing. Yes it definitely is a busy location. But since they fixed the problems the old stalls had and added the two new ones I never saw it all the way full or even people waiting in line.
Actually it didn't make much difference. When I took a screenshot just before SJC was opened, Hawthorne was at 68k kWh, now it is at 62. In April 2014 Hawthorne was at 50.

Not as much of a difference as I would have thought too. OTOH, there are more Teslas on the road each week. How many of those are in this community is hard to tell. Probably not that significant.

My theory is that there were many people avoiding Hawthorne due to the long waits. With the 2 additional stalls, and SJC decompressing, more people are willing to use Hawthorne now. The waits are not nearly as bad, but all stalls are being kept busy. The net decrease was therefore small.
I've been noticing that the Hawthorne Supercharger is definitely NOT as busy as it used to be.

There are still often people there, but I haven't had to wait to charge in over a month.

I'm confident that SJC has been picking up slack and creating alternative charging opportunities for those travelling North and South.

I visit at usually twice a week on average.