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Supercharger - Henderson NV

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Thanks to @gnelson for tipping me off on this one. (Original post: Tesla Supercharger network )

This tip-off got me Googling....

Nothing on Plugshare, nothing on Tesla's charging map (superchargers, destination chargers, or otherwise), nothing on Google Maps.

But I did find: Railroad Pass Hotel and Casino | Henderson Nevada - Tesla Charging "
Tesla drivers heading to and from southern Nevada! We are a proud Tesla Charging Partner – part of a global charging network designed so you can stay charged anywhere you go! Charge for a few hours or overnight when you arrive at the Railroad Pass Hotel, Casino and Travel Center. " (with a picture of a supercharger)

And: As Railroad Pass travel center nears completion, plans for second hotel tower underway - News story from Oct 2017 - "There also will be six charging stations from Tesla, with the capacity for more, as well as charging stations for other vehicles. DeSimone said he is especially pleased about the partnership with Tesla because it means the charging stations will show up on the auto manufacturer’s national map."

On their own those articles don't tell you much, but combined with @gnelson's comment I think it's fairly certain there are 12 SC stalls under construction!
This will be a supercharger location! 12 stalls, a local Las Vegas member came across this yesterday
This is another one that they will for sure name "Henderson," but would be better if they just named it Railroad Pass. Because it's not at all in Henderson and it's actually closer to Boulder City but isn't really in that town either. If it were named "Boulder City," it would at least give you the idea that it was not in the LV Metro area though.
The only reason I knew about the Superchargers was a FB friend named Dan had ridden his bicycle to the Casino and spotted them. He posted pictures on FB. I had ridden my motorcycle by the Casino yesterday and had no clue about the Superchargers.
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Railroad Pass Casino shows the Tesla Charger as part of their "coming soon" travel center:

BTW, it's a nice little casino (originally from 1931!), and it's got a good location where US-93 and US-95 diverge: 93 southbound to Boulder City and onward towards Phoenix; 95 southbound towards Laughlin, Needles and Yuma; and both northbound towards nearby Las Vegas.
Yeah it's the absolute perfect location. It serves both traffic going to/from SE Vegas metro and all the highways you mentioned. It's the only thing out there, so it was cool that they got the casino to partner. Otherwise it would have been in Henderson proper, maybe Green Valley area, which would have been great for amenities but probably would have turned into a locals abusing supercharger California type disaster and it also may not have been as convenient for long distance travelers.
Any news on this SC? I’m planning to take my S through that area by Labor Day so it would be nice to know if it’ll be online by then.
They were talking about this Supercharger on the Penn Jillette (of Penn&Teller; both Tesla owners BTW) podcast last week and they said the Hotel/Casino/Travel center renovations are mostly finished and the supercharger construction looks done so I would expect it to be opening soon, certainly by Labor Day.
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I stopped by here yesterday (Sunday). Everything looked completed except for the meter. Stalls in place, paving finished, transformer on pad. Did not see a meter. No one was working there on Sunday of course. Hopefully they were installing the meter today. Given it's proximity to LV, it should not take long for someone from Tesla to get out there and test it.

And wow how things have changed around here. I have probably driven by Railroad Pass 100x in my life and it looks totally different than how I remembered. I had not been by in a couple years and I did a double take when the Nav told me I was on Interstate 11 lol. Apparently I-11 is really a thing but the only parts that are completed so far are the 20 or so miles between Hendereson and Boulder City.

The gas station/travel plaza is brand new and is a nice addition. I'm not much of a sandwich guy but everyone I know in Vegas seems to love Capriotti's so I'm sure many Tesla owners will enjoy them as well. The girl at the counter said they had been open 2 weeks and she was surprised when I told her the supercharger wasn't active yet. All in all, it should be a nice addition to the supercharger network.
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I'll be going through there early next month, if it's up we can skip the other superchargers in LV if it's not up- we'll have to charge at one of the other ones in LV. Fingers crossed that it shows up on the map in the next couple of weeks.
The Supercharger looks good to go... it's soooooo close!

The new Travel Center is very nice. A tourist railroad goes right by the site also; one train happened to pass during my brief visit.

The changes to the road layouts (and the first time I've ever seen an official "I-11" sign too) are substantial. Railroad Pass Casino no longer has every vehicle pass right in front of their door; they're gonna need to up the ante (pun intended) on their advertising and signage so folks know where to exit and how to get there.
The view to the northwest 20180616_132426.jpg and in the opposite direction 20180616_132536.jpg.

Bonus choo choo photo: 20180616_132608.jpg