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Supercharger In Ann Arbor, MI Going Down For This Week.

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Just a heads up for anyone heading to or through Ann Arbor, MI between April, 30th & May 4th........All 8 superchargers will be shut down this coming week due to parking lot repairs.

Can moderators create a fourm category for supercharging......It would be nice for people to be able to post information about locations that are shut down or have other problems. It would really make long distance travel much easier if you knew a location on your route was not working.

In the past six months I have made two trips from Chicago, IL to Miami, FL. Some of the charging stops I came on with less then 20 miles of charge left. If any had been down, it could have been a huge problem. There are always other options to charge but they can take a VERY long time to get you on your way.

Thanks & Good Luck On Your Travels!!!
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@A2Sirbill, as a former Chicagoan, having moved to Texas, I point out to everyone from the South, that yankees have a season called the 'construction season' where repairs are made that are residual from the harsh winters, and exacerbated by snow plows and salt. That season begins around now, and ends late September. Such activities are inconceivable in Dallas and other cities at similar latitudes. I cross-posted a reference to this thread in the Ann Arbor thread which the Supercharger.info site references in the hopes that it will be noticed. I'll look at the Tesla Nav Monday to see how well Tesla, itself, signals the likely unavailability of the Supercharger ... as the occurrence of lot repairs might not show up on the telemetry for the Fremont (mothership) servers.
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Generally the convention is that each supercharger has a dedicated thread in the specific “region” forum under TMC Community | Tesla Motors Club. See the “Ann Arbor MI” link shared by @Missile Toad above. All news about each particular site goes in that thread. Different regions have various other conventions (e.g. some regions are more or less moderated than others). Some regions with a lot of SC activity (eg. California, Texas) have another dedicated forum just for supercharger locations underneath the main forum for that region.
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Thanks to both Missle Toad & Chuqfor your replies. I didn’t know about the section that Has the Ann Arbor supercharger info. Thanks Missle Toad for posting this info over there. I just don’t want someone that plans to use it on their trip to end up having to use a local level 2 charger. This could add a lot of time to their trip.

Thanks Again!!!
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