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Supercharger - Islandia, NY

Spotted by Chris R on Tesla Owners Worldwide in FB!



Exciting times for Long Island residents :) Thread discussing the Plainview location: Supercharger: Plainview, NY (Long Island)



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Great to see, I heard it was going to be 10 stalls, we shall see !
There are 5 cardboard boxes of charging bollards in the photo. They normally contain two each, which would be 10. If another photo shows 5 superchargers (if there are three white SC cabinets behind the two shown in their plywood crates), that would confirm 10 stalls.
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Progress! I can’t tell if it’s all hooked up but looks like the station could be hours away from going live! We shall see what the next few days bring.


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It's a lot more than hours. There are no numbers on the stalls yet. (Sign Tesla has been there)

Have you looked for the transformer, and the meter?
Is the meter powered?

Until those things are done, Tesla won't be able to do their scheduling of a test and calibration of the site.
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Went there yesterday. Still no transformers or utility meter. Probably another week maybe two before it gets powered up. This charger will help us huge on our trips to the island. It’s about 10 mins away from where we stay.


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Looks like the autotransformers are also missing (that last picture), if they even need them. I think 1 week is zero chance, and more that two is very likely.
Took this the other day, still has blue tape on top of each SC.
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5-21-18, Islandia, NY Supercharger. The only thing missing is electricity!. Great to see this going in near my office.