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Supercharger - Jamestown ND

The Buffalo Mall in Jamestown ND has been working with Tesla for many months. They won't give me any detail, but recently when I spoke to someone involved they actually sounded optimistic and a little excited about it. This was the first time I had ever noted anything other than "yeah I've heard something about this".

2400 8th Ave SW, Jamestown, ND 58401

The location is good, right off the interstate, with a few restaurants and some shopping(there really aren't many better options in this smaller town).

I sure hope they nail this down so there is more incentive to install right across i-94 from Clearwater MN directly to Billings MT asap! :D
Yes , they are happy to let you use their J1772 connection, it's a little hard to find around the back of the building- I charged there over night last summer, and felt safe leaving my car there, as the Ford dealership said they have security watching their lot. The University of Jamestown is another option, but it's on the other side of town. It doesn't get much use, as electric cars are pretty much unicorns in Jamestown! All that aside, I can't wait for a Supercharger!!!
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My guess is this will be a the location. Unless they bought the FCCU building and are gonna make it a lounge ...

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Jamestown, ND (Permit)

Along Primary Interstates: I-94
Along US Numbered Highways (<=5mi): US-52, US-281
Along Auxiliary Interstates: None

From: Bismarck, ND (Permit) - 101 miles
To: Fargo, ND (Permit) - 93.2 miles
Diversion: 0.8 miles
From: Dickinson, ND (Permit) - 197.1 miles
To: Alexandria, MN (Permit) - 197.6 miles

Now all they need to do is build 5 Superchargers and North Dakota will be connected.