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Supercharger - Kendall, FL

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A new Supercharger is coming soon to Kendall!

Permits have been issued to build an unknown amount of stalls in the Kendall Village Center parking garage, located at 8521 SW 124th Ave.
No inspections have been performed yet, although the permits were issued two months ago. Work is being done by the Rack Electric and Neelz Contracting teams.

I saw this on an instagram account that highlights things going on in the Kendall area (OnlyInKendall). Looks like the superchargers here are in construction.

I live a mile away from this place, so I could also get more pictures next time I drive by (if desired). Or at least get some progress shots over the next few weeks.

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I drove by last week and noticed an electrical company's van and some digging being done at the site. Today when I drove by I noticed that the result of that work was the installation of a post to mount the electrical meters. These meters themselves are still missing.

I did notice that the permit from Miami-Dade shows that the work on the site has been approved already. So my guess is that they are just waiting for FPL to install the electrical meters before this site becomes operational.
Any update on this?
I have been driving by every few days and so far there's not much of an update. It looks like they had to do some re-digging at the site for some reason and if you drive by now you'll see a large bundle of wires now sticking out of the ground that were not there before. Still no FPL meters installed either.

So, my guess is that we still have a few weeks on this one.
Drove by today and there was an electrician truck on site. Where there was previously a bundle of wires sticking out of the ground now sits a large green transformer. So it looks like electrical power to the site is now set up.

There are still no FPL meters installed but looks like that's all that remains at this point.
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Just to give an update, i've been driving by ever 2-3 days and very little has been touched at the site. I last drove by yesterday. The only noticeable improvements is that they removed some of the large (car sized) wire spools that were sitting during construction.

Past that we're still the same place we were from my last update. Everything looks like it's installed, the transformers are there, chargers all installed, cabinets are in place, and the ground where they dug is starting to sprout back a bit of grass.

The only thing that is continually missing is the two FPL meters. So, I suppose the delays are all up to FPL at this point.
Disregard my last!

I drove by today thinking that they may try to get it online before the holiday weekend and sure enough the site is now operational.

There was a guy in a Tesla that was adhering the supercharger stall numbers to each charging unit, so this thing must have been brought online only hours ago. In fact it’s possible I was first to charge.

I have pictures but cannot upload as I sit here charging because the forum says they are too large.

Will add pictures when I get home.

But it’s operational now!!

Edit: Here's the pictures!

adam-yearly - 2.jpeg

adam-yearly - 1.jpeg

adam-yearly - 3.jpeg
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