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Supercharger - Kenora, ON

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The new Kenora Supercharger will be at 1201 Highway 17 E, Kenora ON, Canada. Credits to @204EV for finding the permit of this location on the Kenora planning committee. The Supercharger will be located at Canadian Tire Gas (address above). Since there is now a permit for the location, it should therefore have its own thread.

Text from planning committee (below)

vii) Consideration of applications for minor variance  D13-19-03,
Tesla Alex Tsopelas, Agent Tesla Motors Via Teleconference

Alex Tsopelas, from Tesla Motors, introduced himself as the Agent for the file and thanked the Committee for accommodating himself for participation in the meeting. The Agent explained that Tesla is proposing to install six super charging stations within existing parking stalls at the Canadian Tire Gas Bar, being the rear side of the Page 3 of 18 gas bar, there are existing natural gas and hydro meters.

In order to maintain the proper clearance by code, they have to move the curb out from the building by approximately 1 m, which will reduce the stall length to 5.1 m. It is for this reduction that they are seeking a minor variance to the Zoning By-law. The Planner presented the planning report file D13-19-03 and explained that six existing parking stalls are proposed to have their lengths reduced so as to accommodate six electric vehicle charging stations and associated equipment. Parking spaces and aisles are shared between the Canadian Tire store and the Gas Bar.

The location of the parking spaces subject to this development are surplus and not required for patrons who normally park at the front of the building or at the fuel pumps. The Planner noted that currently the Zoning By-law does not have a definition for electric vehicle charging; however, she noted that the next comprehensive Zoning By-law review will incorporate refueling for electric vehicles. The application was circulated to the public within 60 m and no comments had been received. There also had been early discussion with the Agent regarding whether vehicles would be towing. It had been explained to the Planning Department that the charging stations are back-in only and there would not be the opportunity to charge if towing a trailer. It was the Planner’s professional opinion that the application should be approved; conditional on removing a stack of steel fencing situated towards the rear of the gas bar. It would have to be removed prior to any construction, anyways. At this time, it is unsightly and unnecessary.

The Agent explained that the metal fencing is not theirs but that they will speak to the property owner to have it removed. The Agent was not sure what it is there for. The Chair asked if there was anyone in the public whom wished to speak in favour of or against the application. There were none. The Chair asked the Committee if they had questions pertaining to the application. For clarification, the Chair asked whether the charging stations are for all makes of vehicles, not just Tesla. The Agent clarified that the charging connectors are for Tesla vehicles only. Ray Pearson noted that on the site plan, there are eleven spots behind the gas bar. He asked if there are future plans to use the others since this proposal is only requesting relief for six stalls.

The Agent stated that they do not have any plans at this time and are leaving the remaining parking spaces unchanged. Bev Richards asked if there will be an agreement in place between Tesla and Canadian Tire to ensure trailers/boats are not towed when vehicles are charging. She explained that the parking lot gets very busy in the summer and there is also a vendor that typically sells produce at the location, which might be affected. The Agent explained Page 4 of 18 that he does not believe it is explicitly outlined in the lease that there is a specific location to store trailers/boats for those towing.

John Barr wished to clarify several points. The first, being that Tesla chose this location due to the location of hydro. He asked if there were other site options for the charging stations. The Agent stated that he believes other locations were being looked at; however, that there were several factors that were considered. One, being the proximity to existing hydro connection and a second being the busyness of the parking areas in order to utilize space.

They needed a location where they could install additional electrical equipment and somewhere that would avoid taking up parking stalls. There were no further questions
. The Chair asked the Committee for discussion prior to making a decision.
There was no discussion.

Moved by: Bev Richards Seconded by: Graham Chaze That the Kenora Planning Advisory Committee approves application for minor variance file no. D13-19-03, seeking relief from Section 3.23.4 - which requires that 90 degree parking spaces must be 6m in length.
Approval of the application minor variance file D13-19-03 will allow six (6) existing parking stalls with 90 degree space dimensions to be reduced to 5.1 m in stall length in order to accommodate the installation of six (6) electric vehicle charging stations and associated equipment; conditional on the removal of the stack of steel fencing on the east side of the gas bar.

Nice to have another location on the map. Will update Supercharge Info shortly.
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The new Kenora Supercharger will be at 1201 Highway 17 E, Kenora ON, Canada. Credits to @204EV for finding the permit of this location on the Kenora planning committee. The Supercharger will be located at Canadian Tire Gas (address above). Since there is now a permit for the location, it should therefore have its own thread.
Just tried calling there, and the person I spoke to did not sound optimistic that the station would be ready for use by November (she directed me to the charger at the A&W) - I'm guessing that means that digging has not started yet, although it would be great if somebody driving through Kenora could take a glance and see if they see anything :)
Kenora, ON

Along National Highways: TCH/ON-17
Along Provincial Highways (<=8km): ON-17A


From: Prawda, MB (Construction) - 105.2 km
To: Dryden, ON (Permit) - 137 km
Diversion: -3.3 km*
From: Winnipeg, MB (Construction) - 217.4 km
To: Ignace, ON (Permit) - 240.3 km

From: Canmore, AB - 1653.5 km
To: Sudbury, ON - 1469.5 km

This is obvious split of Prawda, MB to Dryden, ON.

This location leaves the only major unknowns the locations along the TCH between Ignace, ON and Nipigon, ON
There is still need for some other locations to make things a bit less scary in deep winter, there's now an exciting possibility that Canadian (and American) Tesla drivers will be able to drive the TCH.

Makes sense for Canadian Tire to host Tesla Superchargers. Superchargers mean more kilometres driven and tire tread used.

* Negative diversion because the faster route is to take ON-17A, the Kenora bypass.
Not sure if this counts as construction or not, but the site fencing is up and conduits and other material are on site behind the gas bar.


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That sounds like the exact same state Nipigon is in - I think it counts as construction if material is present (that is a concrete step beyond just issuing a permit)
/cc @MarcoRP

I noticed there are two canadian tire locations in TB. One is near Walmart south location. the other more downtown area. I t seem s like the the first one could be a potential location if CT is partnering with Tesla. There is also a Timmie's near that one too. ;) Might be worth a call.
So with this it seems they'll be finished the groundwork on the minimum required #1 SC before freeze-up. Only about 9 working weeks left in the year so they might not complete and activated by the start of 2020 but looking really good to have a coast to coast SC path by early next year. Nice.

edit> Also, with that second photo they already have the gear cabinets onsite?