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Supercharger - Kincardine, ON



Digging has started for the Kincardine Supercharger... I think. Earlier this year, another TMC user announced the Canadian Tire in Kincardine would host the Kincardine ON Supercharger. Recently, a photo of a Model 3 charging next to what seems to be construction fencing at the said Canadian Tire appeared on PlugShare. After having looked about on Google and social media, I found a Twitter post from someone who said digging for the Supercharger had commenced (Aug 9 2019).

I do think there is something Supercharger related going on here, but I think some further proof would help confirm that this is indeed Supercharger construction, and only then would I add it on Supercharge Info. I also think this is a good time to mention it, because there is an upcoming Road Trip to Kincardine organized by @I am 3LECTRIC on September 15th, so I’m wondering if some of the participants may be interested in checking out this location after the event.

Photo by James on PlugShare
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I stopped by the Kincardine Canadian Tire to look around the parking lot yesterday. More than half of the parking lot is fenced off and ripped up. Looks like they are repaving a good part of the lot. We had a quick peek in the dark but didn't see any hints of Tesla Supercharger construction. We didn't see any Tesla equipment on site behind the fenced off areas. If this is the Kincardine Supercharger site, work has not begun
View attachment 575164 View attachment 575165 View attachment 575166 It certainly looks very much like a supercharger installation at least in some sort of high speed chargers

This certainly looks very promising as it fits the general supercharger configuration and is backed up by the already announced C.T. EV Fast Charging program. It is also nice that the putative charging stalls appear to be as far away from the store and hence "prime" parking spots, analogous to the Nepean supercharger, so ICING should be much reduced.
Hey "It's Not About The Money"! Where are you?? Are you going to post the distances? ;)

It's almost midnight and you can obviously tell it has a bunch of neighbors.

Lucky for you I took tomorrow (now today) off..

Kincardine, ON

Along National Highways: None
Along Provincial Highways (<=8km): ON-21

From: ON-402 Wyoming, ON - 147.1 km
To: ON-6/10/26 Owen Sound, ON - 81.1 km
Diversion: 0 km

To: Owen Sound, ON (ON-21,l) - 82.5km
To: Parry Sound, ON (ON-9W,ON-C-3,ON-C-2,ON-C-4,ON-C-124,ON-C-91,ON-26,ON-C-22,ON-400) - 284.1km
To: Barrie - Bayfield St, ON (ON-9W,ON-C-3,ON-C-2,ON-C-4,ON-C-124,ON-C-91,ON-26) - 176.5 km
To: Barrie - Park Place Shopping Center/Centre - ON (ON-9W,ON-C-3,ON-9W, ON-C-2,ON-C-13,ON-C-5,ON-C-15,ON-C-21,ON-400) - 189.9km
To: Markham Woodside, ON (ON-9W,ON-C-109,ON-9E,ON-10,ON-410,ON-407,l,ON-7) - 224.2 km
To: Concord, ON (ON-9W,ON-C-109,ON-9E,ON-400) - 204 km
To: Mississauga, ON (ON-9W,ON-C-109,ON-C-24,ON-7,l,ON-401) - 180 km
To: Kitchener (SC), ON (ON-9W,ON-C-109,ON-C-7,ON-C-17,ON-C-21,ON-85) - 145.3 km
To: Woodstock, ON (ON-21,ON-8,ON-23,ON-C-163,ON-C-20,ON-7,ON-C-26,ON-C-113,ON-C-6,ON-401) - 179.4 km
To: London, ON (ON-21,ON-8,ON-4,ON-C-16,ON-C-41,ON-C-28,l,ON-401) - 165 km
To: Comber, ON (ON-21,ON-C-79,ON-C-12,ON-C-ON-C-79/16,ON-C-22,ON-C-16,ON-2,ON-C-18,ON-C-20,ON-401) - 270.2 km
To: Port Huron, MI (ON-21,ON-402/I-69/I-94,l) - 184.7km
For sure there is a box of supercharger enclosures


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We went to the Kincardine Canadian Tire Supercharger construction location today as well and saw the two transformers. And what’s in the Immediate area (Hwy 9 and 21) besides a wonderful waterfront town with lovely beaches? Canadian Tire, Sobeys, 3 hotels, Boston Pizza, Subway, McDonalds, LCBO, Shoppers Drug Mart, and a big gas station ...LOL.