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Supercharger - Lodi, NJ



Thanks to Darryn from Drive Tesla for sending me a screenshot of a Facebook post in which someone found construction for the Lodi, NJ Supercharger at the Wawa. According to the manager they will be online in about a month.

lodi nj.jpg
VERY excited about this location.

Perfect spot for either i80 or route 17 travel.

I use these two roads often. And there are very limited options on a GOOD day. On a bad traffic day having multiple route options is awesome.

My one BIG concern is volume!

I think 8 for this location is way too low. I Wonder how easy it is and cost-effective to scale up the number of stalls if need be, which it certainly will need.
So just tried. Nothing. Cabinets are still in packaging.

And.... One charger is already knocked crooked!

A side note, while this is an EXCELLENT location corridor wise, it is horrendous traffic wise. I as there during rush hour. 530ish pm. Getting off of 80 was really bad. Going through 17n looked very bad too.

But without traffic this is very convenient. And walk to Wawa is about 30ft. Beautiful.

I was in the area on Sun Jun 27th. The transformer is in place but the cabinets were still in their packaging as shown in @Cuttin pic above. I forgot to check if the meter was installed.

Thanks for checking in!

Such a bummer. I don't know why things can't get streamlined. We need smaller government, all the red tape is frustrating and would NEVER work in private enterprise.