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Supercharger - Plattsburgh NY

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Now that the South Burlington, VT location is almost operational, I'm hoping that Tesla will turn its attention and energy towards a SC in Plattsburgh NY. I keep parsing through the TMC threads, hoping for any news regarding a Plattsburgh SC but so far the word "Plattsburgh" is usually preceded by words like "I really wish the was a SC in ..." or followed by words like "... would be a great place for a SC."

If anyone hears any news regarding Plattsburgh NY, please let us know. Thank you.
Still no news at all on this location even though it was listed on Tesla's website as coming in 2014, then 2015 and now 2016. Meanwhile, sites that weren't even on the map have since received Superchargers. I'm not sure what is the cause of the delay for Plattsburgh but I'm wondering whether my fellow Canadians and other travelers are being too polite and not being vocal enough about the need for a SC this location. Linking Montreal and New York is a necessity. In order to try to push things along, I suggested the Champlain Mall using Supercharging. I assume this location is already in Tesla's crosshairs due to the fact that it so easily and quickly accessible from the I87 in both directions but hey, it doesn't hurt to nudge. A SC at this location would surely increase customers at the mall from Montreal, so I have to assume the Mall would be up for this.
Not Plattsburgh, but on the way...

Reliable sources tell me a Supercharger is on the way to Queensbury NY. Queensbury looks to be a little far at 175 miles to Montréal, but should help.

Still need Plattsburgh!
Or Champlain (125 miles versus 108 from Queensbury), which has better connections. The I-87/U.S. 11 junction seems to be limited to fast food, but there's pizza and Chinese a bit further off the interstate. Do New Yorkers obey the interstate speed limit (65 mph for them), or are they like us out west and routinely drive 5-10 mph over the limit? At 65 Champlain should be doable in winter by a 60, although Plattsburgh would be easier.
Queensbury is really good if you're coming from the west and headed to Vermont. The fastest route is through Amsterdam and Saratoga. Nobody goes through Albany... This will save 45 minutes to an hour.

It also brings Tesla access to the high peaks and lake placid region.

good spot.
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This is pure speculation, but I wonder if it'll be at the Price Chopper in Queensbury. Brattleboro, Utica, and West Lebanon are all in shopping centers with Price Chopper...
Google Maps

Even if not, the area right around there (near I-87 exit 19 / Aviation Rd) seems logical for a Queensbury supercharger. I don't know the area at all though.
Queensbury NY seems awfully close (~ 60 miles) to the Albany NY supercharger.

It is close, however, Albany is a central point for traffic heading N/S to NYC, as well as E/W to Buffalo/Boston. Queensbury helps the Northway a good deal. Originally, Tesla had a "future" dot at the High Peaks welcome center between exits 29 & 30 on the Northway, however, there are no service outside of restrooms and vending machines there (although it is well equipped for picnics and is beautiful in good weather). I would not be surprised to see both Queensbury and Plattsburgh get a SC.
I sent an email to the Tesla Supercharger team asking for updates about the Plattsburgh Supercharger and here is their reply.

Hi Cedric,

Thank you for your email. We have chosen a location for our station and we are approaching the construction phase of the project. There are a number of scenarios that can affect the timeline for a new site, so we cannot make guarantees about opening dates, but we are working hard to open as many sites as quickly as we can. Once construction begins, a site typically takes 4-6 weeks to complete.

We understand the need for more Superchargers and we are excited to announce new sites on our website and in your Model S. We appreciate your patience, enthusiasm and support in Tesla and our Supercharger technology.

Best regards,

The Tesla Supercharger Team

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Thanks, Buzzz. I like the "construction phase" but my optimism is tempered by the apparent lack of a permit in Plattsburgh. This location has been on the Tesla map for over a year but it seems like it's either not a priority or there's some issues that we don't know about. I wish we knew if there were any issues because we could try to help resolve them.
Albany to Montreal is doable but just barely. We made the run last month at 20 degrees F and with roof racks. We drove at 55 and stopped at the J1772 provided by the Price Chopper in Plattsburgh for a top up. They have two chargers there and there are restaurants open late nearby, The new SC apparently will be the shopping center just across the street, and that will make the trip much faster and less stressful.