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Supercharger - San Carlos, CA (LIVE 30 Jun 2018, 19 Urban stalls)

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Jun 19, 2012
San Carlos, CA
Ever since Tesla added San Carlos as a "Coming Soon" location on their Supercharger map, I have been on high-alert -- not just because it's my hometown, but also because San Carlos is the birthplace of Tesla Motors. I've been tracking the Redwood City service center development, but from the plans submitted, it looks like just a service center with showroom -- no publicly-accessible Superchargers. So, I was excited to finally find a San Carlos permit that looks very likely to be a Supercharger.

It's located in the San Carlos Marketplace at the corner of Howard & Industrial, where there's a Best Buy, TJ Maxx & Homegoods, Starbucks, Wing Stop, Chipotle, Game Stop, Jamba Juice, and Petsmart. This is close to the freeway exit and entrance (especially Southbound 101). The job value is listed at $325,000.

Only issue I foresee is that this is a very busy parking lot with not a lot of excess parking spaces.

We will need to start scouting for signs of construction soon. Although I live at the other end of Howard, I will be out of town for the next week, so if someone else can swing by, that would be great.

Check out the permit here:




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this is a very busy parking lot with not a lot of excess parking spaces

You win a small prize for understatement.

Access from 101 will be pretty confusing for non-locals, too.

way in the back perhaps would be an okay spot

Google thinks 1127 is the Best Buy. I'd guess they'll put the chargers in the northeast corner, if possible, so they're in the least desirable spots. But on a busy day it could take quite a while to wade through the store traffic from Industrial Rd to that back corner.

Google Maps

Ah well, it's academic to me. I'm hard-pressed to imagine a situation where I'd use this one.
I don't think this officially counts as "under construction" due to lack of Tesla equipment, but I was shopping there this afternoon and there are signs of construction along the north edge of the property line. There are also some trenching done already, conduit stubouts in place (possibly for the transformer), USA marks on the parking lot. Also, behind the green fencing are stockpiles of agg base, soil, and PVC pipes (conduits?). They're currently taking up a lot of parking spaces, but I think much of it is contractor laydown. If this really is the location for the charging stalls, that's not too bad and hopefully reduces the chance of being ICEd. However, it's also pretty close to the trash enclosure, so...

20180512_145843.jpg 20180512_150553.jpg 20180512_145900.jpg 20180512_150631.jpg 20180512_150054.jpg

Ever watched "Over The Hedge"? The fenced area is like that.
20180512_150202.jpg 20180512_150206.jpg
Just stopped by a few minutes ago. No change. The fencing actually covers about 30 spaces (up to the third tree "island"). And there's a small bit of construction going on right up by the street in front of Starbucks too. Not sure if that's related.export-0001.jpg export-0002.jpg IMG_20180519_200009.jpg IMG_20180519_200034.jpg IMG_20180519_200202.jpg
Just stopped by a few minutes ago and saw some covered Tesla crates behind the fence. The fencing was kind of tall and it was getting dark, so I couldn't see too clearly, but I counted nine crates -- likely to be 18 stalls? From the two labels on one of the crates:


TPN: 1133063-00-A
TSN: T18B0007287

I believe this "officially" confirms that the spotted construction is indeed for the Tesla Supercharger. @ecarfan : Can we update the thread title? @BlueShift : Can we update Supercharge.info? Also, noticed on your site, you've got this listed as 8 stalls. Any reasoning behind that? Or is that just the default?

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@BlueShift, dude, thanks for all that you have done with supercharge.info!!

We are just up the road in Redwood Shores. My wife works nearby, and from her descriptionthe other day, I second the opinion(s) that it will be more than 8 stalls, possible 18-24 “urban” / “metropolitan” 72kW Chargers.

Also agree that this isn’t easy on/easy off for traveling Tesla’s. Belmont/San Carlos have been adding quite a bit of rental housing the past few years, so, yeah, locals!$#! :p