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Supercharger - San Jose, CA - 925 Blossom Hill Road (TEMPORARY CLOSURE, 24 V3 stalls)

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A new V3 Supercharger will soon be built at Westfield Oakridge. Found a commercial building permit and an addendum for the installation of 48 EV chargers somewhere in the mall parking lot. Not all charging stations will be Superchargers (at least 24 Superchargers is what I hear) and the building permit was recently issued, so be on the lookout for construction.

Permits issued.jpg

SJ Westfield Oakridge.jpg

ADDENDUM SJ Westfield.jpg
I'm not 100% sure these are under construction but the sign on the fence indicates this is for EV charging. Location of construction highlighted in red on google map screenshot.


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That parking lot, during holidays especially (non-covid at least), is just always jam packed with people trying to find a parking place. Have to wonder how many non-charging cars will park in the stalls there just to get a parking spot. It's a busy shopping center and good from that perspective with places to go but I can't even count the number of times in the past we have circled around looking for parking with even the main and Target parking garages hard to find a spot. Even dropped off people to head to the restaurant while the driver searches for a space. Thinking about it now I wonder if a different location in that area might not have been better.

In the past we would go there in the morning to get a waterless car wash when FutureWash was over by the old Sears Auto center and then on the shopping center backside near Thronwood Dr. Found that there was not much open early in the way of food/drink options while you wait however. FutureWash lost their location there and with covid we haven't been to Westfield Oakridge much this past year. Best bet for early Superchargers would be the Starbucks located in Target and they open early at 7am presently (Target doesn't open til 8am) and you need to enter through the mall when Target is closed. There's also a Starbuck in the front at the main entrance to the Mall by the Century movie theater but the Target SB would be closest to the Supercharger area.
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Downtown San Jose needs a Supercharger. There are plenty of garages to put it in.

For a $37 administrative fee, you can park in the downtown San Jose garages, parking meters and city parks for free.
Only EVs purchased in San Jose or registered in San Jose are eligible.

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Pedestals are up, fence is down, transformer is in!

I've never seen so many destination chargers in one place.

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At first I thought there twice as many parking spaces as chargers here, but I'm guessing the destination chargers are mounted two per pole, facing front and back, with the handles on the left and right sides between each pair of spaces? It's a little funny to have one facing away from the parking space, but I guess it works.