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Supercharger - St. Paul, MN

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2021-10-25 16.37.29.jpg

Looks like everything is done other than the green transformer and taking the fence down. I suspect the transformer is going to go where the blue tarp is.
Stations energized? I wouldn’t expect the fence to be gone before the Superchargers are turned on… like in St Peter wasn’t the fence up until the power was on.
I didn't try. I assumed that the lack of transformer was enough to assume they weren't working. Also, there were people there working on the signage.

I can't state a specific example off the top of my head, but I'm pretty sure there have been plenty of unfenced but not working Superchargers in the past. These are all installed by different contractors, and I suspect they have different processes between them.
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Not operational. Same observation as vikingrob. Looks like there is a spot for a transformer but they have a bunch of junk piled there and I could not tell if concrete was even poured. Seems to be a week for two out.