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Supercharger - Wausau, WI (Hilton Garden Inn)

Discussion in 'Midwest/Great Lakes' started by PLUS EV, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. PLUS EV

    PLUS EV Member

    Sep 16, 2016
    Hi everybody! Apologies if there is already a thread for this supercharger. If there is, I couldn't find it as it was not linked to

    I stopped by this location yesterday and the supercharger itself is completely finished. The stalls are numbered and the electricity is humming. However, the parking lot itself is off-limits as it is not paved yet and the hotel is still under construction (looks like they're getting close though).

    Coincidentally, I ran into a Tesla tech doing repairs at a nearby supercharger and we ended up chatting for quite a while. Extremely knowledgeable and really nice guy. Almost wish I got his phone number but I felt like that might be pushing it too hard lol. Anyways, the topic of this supercharger came up and he said that he tested it all and it was all ready to go but he cut the power to the bollards themselves for now so that no one would be tempted to charge (he was looking at me as he said this!).

    I took a couple night time pics. Can post them later if anyone is interested. If you are wondering when it will open, you might try finding out when the hotel opens. It's likely the supercharger will open around that time.
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  2. PwrOutage

    PwrOutage Member

    Jun 3, 2013
    NW Chicago
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    Yeah, in the general thread. Here But I'll repost here, it's nice to get it's own thread. Funny about cutting the power, I would of drove my Honda through there if the road blocks weren't up. Hotel's deadline to open is October last I read. You can find out more here: Ghidorzi Companies (@ghidorzico) | Twitter

    It's ridiculous how much we are able to find out about these supercharge location openings, we have informants everywhere.

  3. Calvin.K

    Calvin.K Member

    Nov 24, 2013
    Stevens Point, WI

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