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Supercharger - Woodstock, VA



2 new tickets on VA811 for what appears to be preliminary work for the installation of a Supercharger at the Sheetz in Woodstock, Va. Haven't found any permits, but it looks like the first contractors have already done a few Tesla projects (not Superchargers). Either this is one hell of a coincidence or maybe it's Superchargers. Only time will tell.

Woodstock, VA

Along Primary Interstates: I-81
Along US Numbered Highways (<=5mi): US-11
Along Auxiliary Interstates: None


From: Mt. Jackson, VA - 10.4 miles
To: Strasburg, VA - 15.9 miles
Diversion: 1.1 miles
From: Harrisonburg, VA - 37.4 miles
To: Martinsburg, WV - 58.2 miles


From: Mt. Jackson, VA - 10.3 miles
To: Strasburg, VA - 14.4 miles
Diversion: 0.1 miles
From: Harrisonburg, VA - 38 miles
To: Martinsburg, WV - 55.9 miles

Tesla continuing to make I-81 travel faster and easier.
just happened to drive by it today on my way somewhere else. Ditch next to transformer, no meter, stalls look complete.


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This site is sorely in need of a Starlink terminal.

Normally my car has great cell reception and it's my phone that doesn't, but this site was the exact opposite. This is a dead zone for whatever provider Tesla is using (AT&T?) I could not check on the status of my vehicle while inside the Sheetz, and TeslaFi completely "lost" this charging stop.

Other than that, it worked well, but if you charge here, don't expect to be able remotely check in on the progress of your vehicle's SOC.
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