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Superchargers Visited

Discussion in 'Supercharging & Charging Infrastructure' started by Wiki, Mar 2, 2014.

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  1. Tdreamer

    Tdreamer Supporting Member

    Sep 10, 2017
    Bedford, Massachusetts
    I saw a lot of large shadows on either side of the road the other night I kept thinking were moving... Same last week when I was up in New Brunswick. Truly the one thing I was worried about on those trips.
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  2. Tdreamer

    Tdreamer Supporting Member

    Sep 10, 2017
    Bedford, Massachusetts
    Nice to see.

    A quick question - just wanted to confirm that site visits should be posted here *and* and the spreadsheet for those of us that may be doing direct updates themselves to the spreadsheet.
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  3. Big Earl

    Big Earl Supporting Member

    Jul 12, 2017
    Springfield, VA
    I think that's the best approach. I like seeing where people charge and if you only update the spreadsheet, the group misses out on your updates.
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  4. tes-s

    tes-s Banned

    Oct 6, 2013
    That is why!
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  5. Tdreamer

    Tdreamer Supporting Member

    Sep 10, 2017
    Bedford, Massachusetts
    No disagreement - just wanted an opportunity to reduce some noise. I also agree it's nice to see other's progress climbing the ladder.
  6. IT Geek

    IT Geek Member

    Nov 16, 2016
    I don't know about that... i think they are all rather close to being equally painful when you get right down to it. Mott street does take your car up an elevator, so there is no way they are going to let you stay with the car at that location. But perhaps the limited hours of that site makes it a bit more of a pain, but the other one in lower Manhattan has the same limited hours and to me those two are tied.

    The one on 75th costs a fortune...but it's not hard to find or to use it's just expensive. Therefore the one on E 47th becomes the easiest of them all. Still a valet, you can't stay in the car, but the chargers are very close to the entrance and it's not terribly expensive.
  7. Bighorn

    Bighorn Top Supercharger

    Jun 19, 2013
    Big Horn, Wyoming
    You would know best! Mott got a reputation early on as only for monthly parkers, so I assumed it was another hurdle to clear if they were giving people a hard time about charging.
  8. tes-s

    tes-s Banned

    Oct 6, 2013
    #7088 tes-s, Oct 19, 2019
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2019
    Lot of opportunities for "firsts" all around the country!


    I wonder if Jackman will last long enough for @PhillyGal to get there... Only a few hours from James Place Inn. :)

    I think I hear @Tdreamer starting his car right now - been a couple of days since he drove through Maine.
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  9. Big Earl

    Big Earl Supporting Member

    Jul 12, 2017
    Springfield, VA
    A Grant might get you an elevator ride at the right time of day (when the boss is away). Some of those car elevators are really neat.

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  10. tes-s

    tes-s Banned

    Oct 6, 2013
    9 hours. $0 gas. $28.90 tolls.
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  11. PhillyGal

    PhillyGal Member

    Oct 15, 2014
    Philadelphia, PA
    I don't think we'll be headed up that far so it's ripe for the taking. (cough, cough, @HalfDollarBill). I do have a construction watch list and hope not to miss it like we did one of the obscure coastal locations on the way back from Myrtle Beach a few months ago that we'd probably never find ourselves in again.
  12. Big Earl

    Big Earl Supporting Member

    Jul 12, 2017
    Springfield, VA
    Were those tolls going down the Jersey coast? I might try to get those four on my way back home on Wednesday.
  13. PhillyGal

    PhillyGal Member

    Oct 15, 2014
    Philadelphia, PA
    Today's Haul: 13!

    Robbinsville, NJ
    East Brunswick SR 18, NJ
    Kearney, NJ
    Brooklyn, NY - Atlantic Ave
    Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Museum
    Valley Stream, NY
    Islandia, NY
    Plainview, NY
    Glendale, NY - Cooper Ave
    Queens, NY - Queens Center
    Bronx, NY - Bay Plaza
    Stamford, CT
    N. Stamford, CT

    Today was much longer than expected because we made good time and the tiny human was cooperating nicely. Until now that is because we're in a hotel room and he's standing in his portable crib staring at us. If we had somewhere to go (eg: another room) he'd be hard asleep but alas, getting a room - any room - in Stamford last minute was hard enough. Trying to find some kind of 1 BR suite would have been impossible.
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  14. Big Earl

    Big Earl Supporting Member

    Jul 12, 2017
    Springfield, VA
    Nice haul. Try putting the crib in the bathroom. ;) #semi-serious
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  15. dgpcolorado

    dgpcolorado high altitude member

    Apr 25, 2015
    The Western Slope, Colorado
    #7095 dgpcolorado, Oct 19, 2019
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2019
    19 October 2019
    150. North Aurora IL
    151. Bolingbrook IL
    152. Evergreen Park IL
    153. Country Club Hills IL
    154. Merrillville IN
    155. Mishawaka IN
    156. St. Joseph MI

    Dawn over Lake Michigan this morning at Illinois Beach State Park:

    Camping across the lake at Van Buren State Park in Michigan tonight. This place is jumping -- lots of campers on this mid October Saturday night! Mild weather in the 60s and 50s with no wind likely helps. However, I could do with a bit of a breeze to disperse the smoke from all the campfires; it is getting to be obnoxious.
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  16. IT Geek

    IT Geek Member

    Nov 16, 2016
    Lucky for me I got there late in the evening and they didn't give me any hassle about that. You're right though, that would add another hurdle to the already difficult nature of these chargers. At most they only have 2 spots for charging a Tesla, so if other Teslas are there before you then you're really out of luck. At one place (75th street) they did have to move an ICE car so that the guy could pull my car in. I tried to talk him down on the price to charge there but he wasn't able to budge...claimed that once he entered it in the computer that the price was fixed.

    That is a fancy elevator. None of the 2 in NYC that use elevators are that fancy though. Both are pretty much the same though with big metal doors and what look like rather tight quarters. I was a bit worried about my wide MS making it through those w/o any issues, but those guys do this for a living so they are rather good at it. Here's my car reemerging from one of I said, not as fancy as your video.

  17. tes-s

    tes-s Banned

    Oct 6, 2013
    Down the Garden State all the way from New York, and then home via the GSP, NJTP, and then GWB.
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  18. paulkva

    paulkva Member

    Jul 22, 2013
    Falls Church, VA
    Oh man, nobody has gotten Smithfield yet? I was almost halfway down there today (Richmond-ish), although I really don't think I could've made it work. I did add Springfield on my way back though -- partly for this game (or whatever we're calling it), partly because we were ~20 minutes ahead of our kids returning from a marching band competition, and the other option was waiting at their high school.
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  19. tes-s

    tes-s Banned

    Oct 6, 2013
    New visits in the past week:
    tes-sBarnegat, NJ10/18/2019
    tes-sCape May Court House, NJ10/18/2019
    tes-sEgg Harbor Township, NJ10/18/2019
    tes-sJersey City - Mall Drive West, NJ10/17/2019
    tes-sJersey City, NJ10/17/2019
    tes-sToms River, NJ10/18/2019
    tes-sBrooklyn - Atlantic Ave, NY10/17/2019
    tes-sGlendale - Cooper Ave, NY10/17/2019
    kk7pChicago - North Halsted, IL10/17/2019
    kk7pEvergreen Park, IL10/17/2019
    kk7pGrand Ave (SC), Chicago, IL10/17/2019
    kk7pRosemont, IL10/17/2019
    kk7pCarmel, IN10/19/2019
    kk7pFishers, IN10/19/2019
    kk7pIndianapolis - Capitol Avenue, IN10/19/2019
    kk7pIndianapolis, IN10/19/2019
    kk7pLafayette, IN10/19/2019
    kk7pMerrillville, IN10/17/2019
    kk7pTerre Haute, IN10/19/2019
    kk7pZionsville, IN10/19/2019
    kk7pAnn Arbor, MI10/14/2019
    kk7pAuburn Hills, MI10/14/2019
    kk7pLivonia, MI10/14/2019
    kk7pMarshall, MI10/14/2019
    kk7pRoseville, MI10/14/2019
    kk7pBuffalo, NY10/12/2019
    kk7pErie, PA10/12/2019
    kk7pBurlington, ON10/13/2019
    kk7pCambridge, ON10/13/2019
    kk7pComber, ON10/14/2019
    kk7pConcord, ON10/13/2019
    kk7pEtobicoke, ON10/13/2019
    kk7pGrimsby, ON10/12/2019
    kk7pHamilton, ON10/13/2019
    kk7pMarkham - Markville, ON10/13/2019
    kk7pMarkham - Woodside, ON10/13/2019
    kk7pMississauga, ON10/13/2019
    kk7pNorth York, ON10/13/2019
    kk7pPickering, ON10/13/2019
    kk7pToronto - Bay St, ON10/13/2019
    kk7pToronto (SC), ON10/13/2019
    kk7pWoodstock, ON10/14/2019
    TdreamerMedway, ME10/17/2019
    TdreamerPortland, ME10/17/2019
    TdreamerBaie-Saint-Paul, QC10/12/2019
    TdreamerBrossard, QC10/12/2019
    TdreamerDrummondville, QC10/12/2019
    TdreamerMagog, QC10/12/2019
    TdreamerMontreal (SC), QC10/12/2019
    purplewaltChannelview, TX10/5/2019
    purplewaltHenrietta, TX10/7/2019
    purplewaltNacogdoches, TX10/4/2019
    purplewaltWebster, TX10/5/2019
    ColBatGuanoGreenville, AL9/28/2019
    ColBatGuanoGainesville, FL9/22/2019
    ColBatGuanoJacksonville - County Road, FL9/27/2019
    ColBatGuanoTurkey Lake, FL9/22/2019
    Half Dollar BillPortland, ME10/17/2019
    TreborThickwebBlaine, WA10/13/2019
    E-GALQuartzsite, AZ10/10/2019
    E-GALBaker, CA10/9/2019
    E-GALChico, CA10/6/2019
    E-GALFolsom - Iron Point Road, CA10/7/2019
    E-GALInyokern, CA10/9/2019
    E-GALLone Pine, CA10/9/2019
    E-GALMammoth Lakes, CA10/8/2019
    E-GALMt. Shasta - 134 Morgan Way, CA10/5/2019
    E-GALPlacerville, CA10/7/2019
    E-GALRocklin (SC), CA10/7/2019
    E-GALTruckee-Brockway Rd, CA10/7/2019
    E-GALYermo, CA10/9/2019
    E-GALYuba City, CA10/6/2019
    E-GALGardnerville, NV10/8/2019
    E-GALHenderson, NV10/10/2019
    E-GALIncline Village, NV10/8/2019
    E-GALLas Vegas - The LINQ High Roller, NV10/11/2019
    E-GALLas Vegas Blvd South, NV10/9/2019
    E-GALPrimm, NV10/9/2019
    E-GALStateline, NV10/8/2019
    E-GALCle Elum, WA9/23/2019
    E-GALEllensburg, WA9/23/2019
    E-GALIssaquah, WA9/23/2019
    E-GALLeavenworth, WA9/24/2019
    E-GALMonroe, WA9/24/2019
    MuddyAlbert Lea - Happy Trails Lane, MN10/9/2019
    MuddyRobbinsdale, MN10/5/2019
    MuddySherburn, MN10/9/2019
    MuddyWall, SD10/3/2019
    StefanSarzioAire de Saint-Priest, France10/12/2019
    StefanSarzioAix-en-Provence, France10/10/2019
    StefanSarzioCagnes-sur-Mer – Polygone Riviera P2, France10/8/2019
    StefanSarzioChambéry Barberaz, France10/7/2019
    StefanSarzioChambéry, France10/7/2019
    StefanSarzioMulhouse, France10/13/2019
    StefanSarzioNarbonne, France10/10/2019
    StefanSarzioNimes, France10/10/2019
    StefanSarzioStrasbourg, France10/13/2019
    StefanSarzioToulon, France10/9/2019
    StefanSarzioToulouse, France10/11/2019
    StefanSarzioVienne, France10/12/2019
    StefanSarzioKaiserslautern Eselsfürth, Germany10/13/2019
    StefanSarzioMotten, Germany10/6/2019
    StefanSarzioOberhonnefeld, Germany10/13/2019
    StefanSarzioPfalzfeld, Germany10/13/2019
    StefanSarzioWaldlaubersheim, Germany10/13/2019
    StefanSarzioBussigny, Switzerland10/7/2019
    dgpcoloradoBolingbrook, IL10/19/2019
    dgpcoloradoCountry Club Hills, IL10/19/2019
    dgpcoloradoEvergreen Park, IL10/19/2019
    dgpcoloradoGlenview, IL10/18/2019
    dgpcoloradoNorth Aurora, IL10/19/2019
    dgpcoloradoRolling Meadows, IL10/18/2019
    dgpcoloradoRosemont, IL10/18/2019
    dgpcoloradoSkokie, IL10/18/2019
    dgpcoloradoMerrillville, IN10/19/2019
    dgpcoloradoMishawaka, IN10/19/2019
    dgpcoloradoSt. Joseph, MI10/19/2019
    dgpcoloradoAlbert Lea - Happy Trails Lane, MN10/16/2019
    dgpcoloradoAlbert Lea, MN10/16/2019
    dgpcoloradoBaxter, MN10/16/2019
    dgpcoloradoClearwater, MN10/16/2019
    dgpcoloradoDuluth, MN10/17/2019
    dgpcoloradoHinckley, MN10/17/2019
    dgpcoloradoOakdale, MN10/16/2019
    dgpcoloradoRobbinsdale, MN10/16/2019
    dgpcoloradoRochester, MN10/16/2019
    dgpcoloradoSherburn, MN10/15/2019
    dgpcoloradoWorthington, MN10/15/2019
    dgpcoloradoCuster, SD10/14/2019
    dgpcoloradoMitchell, SD10/15/2019
    dgpcoloradoMurdo, SD10/15/2019
    dgpcoloradoOacoma, SD10/15/2019
    dgpcoloradoRapid City, SD10/14/2019
    dgpcoloradoSioux Falls, SD10/15/2019
    dgpcoloradoSpearfish, SD10/14/2019
    dgpcoloradoWall, SD10/14/2019
    dgpcoloradoEau Claire, WI10/17/2019
    dgpcoloradoLa Crosse, WI10/18/2019
    dgpcoloradoMadison - East Washington Ave, WI10/18/2019
    dgpcoloradoMadison, WI10/18/2019
    dgpcoloradoMauston, WI10/18/2019
    dgpcoloradoOak Creek, WI10/18/2019
    dgpcoloradoPleasant Prairie, WI10/18/2019
    dgpcoloradoLusk, WY10/14/2019
    dgpcoloradoWheatland, WY10/13/2019
    PhillyGalNorth Stamford, CT10/19/2019
    PhillyGalStamford, CT10/19/2019
    PhillyGalEast Brunswick - State Route 18, NJ10/19/2019
    PhillyGalKearny, NJ10/19/2019
    PhillyGalRobbinsville, NJ10/19/2019
    PhillyGalBronx - Bay Plaza, NY10/19/2019
    PhillyGalBrooklyn - Atlantic Ave, NY10/19/2019
    PhillyGalBrooklyn - Brooklyn Museum, NY10/19/2019
    PhillyGalGlendale - Cooper Ave, NY10/19/2019
    PhillyGalIslandia, NY10/19/2019
    PhillyGalPlainview, NY10/19/2019
    PhillyGalQueens - Queens Center, NY10/19/2019
    PhillyGalValley Stream, NY10/19/2019
    BerTXCordes Lakes, AZ10/18/2019
    BerTXPage, AZ10/18/2019
    BerTXPhoenix - Agua Fria Fwy, AZ10/18/2019
    BerTXSedona, AZ10/18/2019
    BM3BIndio, CA10/12/2019
    BM3BRancho Mirage, CA10/12/2019
    BM3BTwentynine Palms, CA10/12/2019
    smithg13Jersey City - Mall Drive West, NJ10/18/2019
    smithg13Jersey City, NJ10/18/2019
    smithg13Kearny, NJ10/18/2019
    smithg13Parsippany, NJ10/18/2019
    paulkvaSpringfield, VA10/19/2019
    DriverOneAustin - Research Blvd, TX10/15/2019
    DriverOneJunction, TX8/31/2019
    DriverOneKingsville, TX10/15/2019
    DriverOneThree Rivers, TX10/15/2019
    CharleyBCChico, CA10/12/2019
    CharleyBCMt. Shasta - 134 Morgan Way, CA10/16/2019
    hoshinoHollister, CA10/12/2019
    hoshinoKettleman City, CA10/12/2019
    hoshinoMountain View, CA10/12/2019
    hoshinoTejon Ranch, CA10/12/2019
    Updated dates in the past week:
    HandleSuperchargerDateOld Date
    purplewaltLas Vegas, NM11/1/201612/1/2014*
    pdxrajivBeatty, NV6/30/201712/1/2017
    pdxrajivGardnerville, NV6/24/201712/1/2017
    pdxrajivHawthorne, NV6/30/201712/1/2017
    pdxrajivLas Vegas Blvd South, NV6/29/201712/1/2017
    pdxrajivReno, NV6/30/201712/1/2017
    pdxrajivTonopah, NV6/30/201712/1/2017
    pdxrajivSalt Lake City - S. State Street, UT4/30/201712/1/2017
    Tree95Atascadero, CA2/27/20162/1/2016
    Tree95Buttonwillow, CA3/16/20163/1/2016
    Tree95Concord, CA6/18/201811/1/2018
    Tree95Crescent City, CA6/18/201811/1/2018
    Tree95El Centro, CA5/6/20165/1/2016
    Tree95Eureka, CA6/18/201811/1/2018
    Tree95Fairfield, CA6/18/201811/1/2018
    Tree95Fish Camp, CA9/7/201811/1/2018
    Tree95Folsom-Palladio, CA12/31/201712/1/2017
    Tree95Fresno, CA5/6/20165/1/2016
    Tree95Groveland, CA9/7/201811/1/2018
    Tree95Gustine, CA6/18/201811/1/2018
    Tree95Hollister, CA9/7/201811/1/2018
    Tree95Inyokern, CA5/6/20165/1/2016
    Tree95Kettleman City, CA9/7/201811/1/2018
    Tree95Lone Pine, CA2/27/20162/1/2016
    Tree95Mammoth Lakes, CA2/27/20162/1/2016
    Tree95Monterey, CA6/18/201811/1/2018
    Tree95Mt. Shasta - 134 Morgan Way, CA6/18/201811/1/2018
    Tree95Napa, CA6/18/201811/1/2018
    Tree95Oxnard, CA2/27/20162/1/2016
    Tree95Petaluma, CA7/8/20167/1/2016
    Tree95Rancho Cucamonga, CA5/6/20165/1/2016
    Tree95Sacramento - Arden Way, CA9/7/201811/1/2018
    Tree95Salinas, CA6/18/201811/1/2018
    Tree95San Diego, CA5/6/20165/1/2016
    Tree95San Luis Obispo, CA9/7/201811/1/2018
    Tree95Tejon Ranch, CA5/6/20165/1/2016
    Tree95Truckee-Brockway Rd, CA2/27/20162/1/2016
    Tree95Ukiah, CA7/8/20167/1/2016
    Tree95Brush, CO6/29/20176/1/2017
    Tree95Coralville, IA6/29/20176/1/2017
    Tree95Council Bluffs, IA6/29/20176/1/2017
    Tree95West Des Moines, IA6/29/20176/1/2017
    Tree95Champaign, IL6/29/20176/1/2017
    Tree95Peru, IL6/29/20176/1/2017
    Tree95Louisville, KY6/29/20176/1/2017
    Tree95Hagerstown, MD6/29/20176/1/2017
    Tree95Gothenburg, NE6/29/20176/1/2017
    Tree95Grand Island, NE6/29/20176/1/2017
    Tree95Ogallala, NE6/29/20176/1/2017
    Tree95Gardnerville, NV2/27/20162/1/2016
    Tree95Reno, NV7/8/20167/1/2016
    Tree95Stateline, NV12/31/201712/1/2017
    Tree95Cincinnati, OH6/29/20176/1/2017
    Tree95Bandon, OR6/18/201811/1/2018
    Tree95Bend, OR6/18/201811/1/2018
    Tree95Detroit Lake, OR6/18/201811/1/2018
    Tree95Klamath Falls, OR6/18/201811/1/2018
    Tree95Lincoln City, OR6/18/201811/1/2018
    Tree95Sandy, OR6/18/201811/1/2018
    Tree95Seaside, OR6/18/201811/1/2018
    Tree95Tigard, OR6/18/201811/1/2018
    Tree95Beaver, UT3/16/20163/1/2016
    Tree95Nephi, UT3/16/20163/1/2016
    Tree95Price, UT6/29/20176/1/2017
    Tree95Lexington, VA6/29/20176/1/2017
    Tree95Norfolk, VA6/29/20176/1/2017
    Tree95Vancouver, WA6/18/201811/1/2018
    Tree95Charleston, WV6/29/20176/1/2017
    Iwantmy3Delray Beach, FL3/12/201910/10/2019
    Iwantmy3St. Augustine, FL3/14/201910/10/2019
    Iwantmy3West Melbourne, FL3/14/201910/10/2019
    Iwantmy3Kingsland, GA3/9/201910/10/2019
    Iwantmy3Chicago - South Canal Street, IL9/1/201810/10/2019
    Iwantmy3Lansing, MI9/2/201810/10/2019
    Iwantmy3St. Joseph, MI9/2/201810/10/2019
    Iwantmy3Charlotte, NC3/15/201910/10/2019
    Iwantmy3Rockaway, NJ8/5/201910/10/2019
    Iwantmy3Binghamton, NY8/2/201910/10/2019
    Iwantmy3Watertown, NY8/5/201910/10/2019
    Iwantmy3Cranberry, PA3/15/201910/10/2019
    Iwantmy3Erie, PA3/15/201910/10/2019
    Iwantmy3Franklin Park, PA3/8/201910/10/2019
    Iwantmy3Tannersville, PA8/5/201910/10/2019
    Iwantmy3Columbia, SC3/15/201910/10/2019
    Iwantmy3Wytheville, VA3/15/201910/10/2019
    Iwantmy3Morgantown, WV3/15/201910/10/2019
    Iwantmy3Mt. Hope, WV3/15/201910/10/2019
    Iwantmy3Weston, WV3/9/201910/10/2019
    Iwantmy3Belleville, ON10/4/201910/10/2019
    Iwantmy3Burlington, ON7/15/201910/10/2019
    Iwantmy3Concord, ON7/19/201910/10/2019
    Iwantmy3Kingston - Dalton Ave, ON10/6/201910/10/2019
    Iwantmy3Ottawa, ON7/25/201910/10/2019
    Iwantmy3Pickering, ON1/6/201910/10/2019
    Iwantmy3Port Hope, ON10/6/201910/10/2019
    Iwantmy3Woodstock, ON7/14/201910/10/2019
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  20. Half Dollar Bill

    Half Dollar Bill Traveller, teacher, poet, accountant, innkeeper

    Oct 19, 2013
    Freeport Maine
    Nice to see @ColBatGuano out and about! We've had a bunch of Texans over the last two weeks escaping the heat so I'm sure it's some of the same. Frost on the car windows for the first time up here this morning. Reminds me I need to go get a snowblower. :eek:
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