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Supercharging and geocaching...

What local folks can do, if there is a nearby supercharger, is create a geocache (see geocaching.com for details) for that supercharger.
This will give the folks that are charging, something to do while there.
Probably a magnetic one would be the easiest.
Great idea. We've only done one really long road trip in our Y and were very pleasantly surprised at the number of Superchargers that had a cache within walking distance!
Thinking about setting up a virtual cache at each one that I stop at.
No maintenance needed for the cache. Just allow Tesla owners/lovers and those few non-believers to find them.
Great idea but AFAIK virtuals were banned in 2005, looong time ago. Unless you’ve been blessed with a gift of a virtual? 😜 I wish I had one, could have used it for a new SC near me.