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Supercharging Issues - Frequently Charging at Lower Amperage

Discussion in 'Model S: Battery & Charging' started by darthvdr, Feb 19, 2014.


How Frequently Do you See SC errors?

Poll closed Feb 24, 2014.
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  2. Often

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  3. Almost every trip to the SC

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  1. darthvdr

    darthvdr Member

    Jul 13, 2013
    los gatos, ca
    I just wanted to reach out and see if others are having the same issues. Of late (past 3-4 months), we have noticed that when we get to a supercharging station, and plug in, frequently the LED ring turns red. It would often take 4-5 tries in the same bay before it would turn green. Also noticed that at times it would charge anywhere from 50-70A.

    Wondering if this is an issue with my car or is it a problem with the supercharger systems not been maintained that's causing the charging irregularities. Thank you.
  2. TylerCA

    TylerCA Member

    Sep 1, 2013
    portola valley, ca
    Wife complained to me about it, but not big enough an issue to bring up.

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