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Supercharging queue procedures...?

From time to time, I've seen references to queues/lines at Superchargers, but as a relatively new owner, I've never encountered this personally, and I'm wondering how this works. Is there typically a physical line/queue, like at a store's checkout counter, but with cars; or is this something virtual, managed via the Tesla app or the car's infotainment display? Either way, what are the procedures and etiquette involved in handling these lines? I'll be embarking on my first Tesla road trip soon, so I'd like to know the answers before I cause problems for myself or others. (My road trip is Rhode Island to Ohio, so I won't be using the congested California Superchargers, but I thought it best to ask just in case....)
I've only encountered it at the San Marcos, TX, supercharger before it was expanded and refurbished and at the Saint Charles, MO, charger. In both cases, they are small chargers, only 5 stalls (although the San Marcos one has since expanded to 12).

At Saint Charles, we really didn't wait. It was full when we arrived, but someone was about to leave. He waived at us and let us know that he was on his way out. No one else was waiting, so we pulled on in.

At San Marcos, no one was actually in a line (as that would block parking lot lanes). Rather, we all just sat in empty parking spaces that were nearby. It was easy to see who was waiting, as that part of the parking lot was empty except for Teslas charging or waiting. Two cars were waiting when I got there. I didn't know which of the two was "first in line," but I knew both were ahead of me. Moments after we got there, someone pulled out, and one of those two moved in. Around five or ten minutes later, someone else left, and the other of those two moved in. Another five or ten minutes later, another stall opened up, and I moved on in.

The whole wait was fifteen minutes or so (we weren't in a hurry, and I was reading, so I wasn't paying great attention to the clock). At least a couple of cars showed up during that time, but no one tried "cutting the line" and moving in on spots. I suppose everyone did the same thing I did, i.e., paid attention to who was waiting when they arrived).

I sure would like to believe that is how it would work in any situation, but I've heard enough stories to know otherwise. Thankfully, the San Marcos charger has expanded to 12 stalls, so
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There's nothing in the software yet.

I understand that some busy locations in California were using a valet type who was keeping a list like seating at a restaurant at one point.

The only time I actually experienced a wait, we all just kinda parked to the side and waited our turns.

I think Tesla is hoping to expand, accelerate, and de-conflict the network enough that they don't have to deal with queuing in a systematic way.

They could set something up in the software without too much trouble, using geofences and creating lists in the mothership.
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The chances that you will will queue on the east coast is very low, but possible during holidays.

Think of a fast food restaurant. It can be random and change day to day and hour to hour.

But remember, if there are cars at a charger, pick an unpaired charger if possible. And the try to pair with a car that's been there longest
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I've driven up and down the east coast and into Canada (as far as Halifax). I have never once waited for a stall. I have been to a full supercharger and taken the last slot. There are certain places that seem to have people charging much longer than really needed (it's always outlets). On my adventures, the Greenwich RI supercharger always seem to be a slow one. I rarely break 100kw while charging there.

PS if you are on a long trip, don't be afraid of the slower Urbanchargers. use those when you want to take a lunch break. They don't charge faster than 72kw, but they are a steady charge and it's much easier to determine how much time it takes to charge.
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