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Supercharging waiting makes my friends angry

Although the fastest way to drive is to only stop at superchargers along the way, you are allowed to stop anywhere else like all other cars. You can stop to grab a coffee or snack somewhere else on the way. It adds a few minutes, just like you would have done in an ICE before, sometimes stopping in a place where there's no fuel or when you still have a half-tank left. This allows you to negotiate with your passengers. As long as everyone understands that it will take slightly longer overall, why not?


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Apr 25, 2019
But he doesn't think that way, he is more concerned to get Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, In n Out whenever he feels like not when we need to charge the car. He will say "I don't like something controlling my life" so we were forced to say wait at In n Out for 30 minutes then wait another 30 minutes (doing nothing) to supercharge.
Sounds like he is quite happy trying to control YOUR life.
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I already made a post about the dispute I had with my arcade buddy about supercharging. I don't want to make this as an excuse to vent a personal frustration but I feel as EV / Tesla owners that supercharging can cause tension and annoyance if the passengers are not aware how long it takes to charge the car. Especially if they drive a gas car and only know the concept of going to a gas station.
Anyone else have any ideas how to force reluctant passengers to do stuff around supercharging / charging?

"Forcing" them to do things will not make them very happy.
In general, watching Netflix or Youtube, is a relaxing way to spend 20 or 30 minutes.

The only issue is when there is no restroom, because some business are not open before 10 am or close at 6 pm or so.
So in this case you need to stop to a gas station or a grocery store who often stay open all the night.
But you might need to make a detour in this case before or after charging.
If you are in a more rural area, you can seach for rest areas which have in general restrooms.

I recently did an 800 miles trip to go to Yellow Stone National Park and honestly,
to stop every 3 to 4 hours and have a little walk to eat or drink something is very nice in fact.
And after this long trip, I was in fact very relaxed and not tired like I had been in the past with my previous ICE car.
But I should add that I was using the Tesla Auto Pilot so it was more like playing a video game on a computer than driving.

Don't you also share driving with your passenger?
If not, you could drive overnight, so your passenger will be sleeping, and traffic will be less congested.

You didn't mentionned how far you were driving and where?
If you are going from Los Angeles to San Francisco, you only need to charge one or two times.
If you drive cross country, in areas with few Superchargers and amenities around, this will be different,
and it would be advisible to search in advance where to charge and where to eat before doing the trip.

We did a trip from South OC to Sunnyvale but ya LA to SF.

I-5 that one was exactly 2 stops on the way there, with 100% charged at home in Orange County. I think the I-5 is the easiest, there is nothing to visit, but most efficient for EV and my friend didn't EV rage. But on the way back, my friend said he wanted take the CA-99 for arcades It wasn't the most efficient route, but CA-99 is the only route that had cities with arcades. I didn't mind the arcade stops but that CA-99 route made him more mad than the I-5 route. Likely because we did have to stop 4 time exactly so that got him riled up, it would have been 3 if we started with a full charge.

I did try search in advance where to charge especially which arcades had free Level 2 / Volta chargers. I tried tell my friend only eat at places next to a supercharger, which was the least he could do for someone who doesn't care to learn about EV charging on road trips. But he didn't like the idea of the car controlling his life. This is the most common sales pitch Tesla employees tell most reluctant first time EV owners, to eat near a supercharger, which I think works well when it can happen.


Moderator, Model 3, Tesla Energy Forums
Nov 28, 2018
Riverside Co. CA
It’s gotta be right, this sh** reads like a 17 year old wrote it for the giggle of trolling.

This post from this particular OP is basically the same as every other post this particular OP makes. Its not any different than any of the rest of the posts they make. I dont have any opinion on the content other than that (that they have multiple posts in this style across various TMC subforums).
This post from this particular OP is basically the same as every other post this particular OP makes. Its not any different than any of the rest of the posts they make. I dont have any opinion on the content other than that (that they have multiple posts in this style across various TMC subforums).
Keep it going @JetFalcon , maybe you can get a sitcom deal.
Maybe not be what TMC is for but it's a much better read than the couple of fight threads (forum MMA) here.
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Dec 16, 2018
What a stupid thread. You’re out here on a forum post bashing your friend.

Either be a good friend and don’t spend your time talking crap about him or just tell him to take a hike and move on with your life buddy.

Grow a pair.
Well I'm over it and he is over it and he payed me back in arcade prizes for the hotel room. It's already been a month but it's something you can't really avoid, it's like being Hangry (hungry & angry).

I would hope I can find a hotel that has an EV home base (level 2 charging) for overnight. That replicates the wall connector at home thus starting each day with a full charge and not having to stop on most day commutes which we come back to the same hotel. That would really help but I just focus on finding the cheapest hotel rate with biggest square foot room. This home base idea would eliminate the "hangry" temperament of people who aren't used to electric cars and get frustrated when we do have to stop. Because our Nor-Cal trip had no home base opportunity, I was forced to charge while commuting.

In Arizona, this same friend apartment (where we stayed overnight) was in Glendale next to the State Farm Arena & the shopping center, which had plenty of free EV charging options. The shopping center did fence off the property at night where all the Voltas were but the Carls Jr wasn't fenced off and had 4 chargepoints that no one ever used at night. I took my E-scooter so I could drop my friend at the apartment, drive 1 mile to that chargepoint, then E-scooter back to apartment and had a full charge every night!

My other friend who we stayed at his parents house in Chandler AZ, there was no home base charging option at all. And Phoenix is one of the worst nearby CA cities for Tesla supercharging. We had to charge in Tempe area as it was the closest supercharger that was 20 minutes away from the house so we had enough for the next day. I said we had to eat a sit down dinner at Joes Crab Shack because it would take about 40-60 minutes to get a full charge. Or else we were going to be miserable if we waited in the car. This friend also hates supercharging and finds it mundane and rather drive his 40 mpg Toyota Camry. But he will be more accepting to do things while the Tesla is charging.
He just said I'm being cheap trying to get the 2am off peak rate, but it's not just to save money, I said it's an incentive to get Tesla owners to charge at 2am if they can do so.
You realize that he is so me-and-myself oriented that he has no respect for collective pro-social reasons. He'd probably respect you more if you own being selfishly thrifty with your own money and if he wants to travel with you on your electrons, he will suck it the **** up.

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