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After testing on 10.4 and now on 2018.12 driving an AP1 and AP2 vehicle feel almost the same. I say feel as the binnacle display still doesn’t show adjacent lanes, but just because I can’t see it doesn’t mean autopilot can’t. I suspect even though the rendering on the display is different there are very similar things going on under the hood. Testing on different roads with different conditions both versions of autopilot perform nearly identically, with ap2 maybe having the edge in heavy rain and fog. This is exciting stuff and I can’t wait for “enhanced” features to pop up (and new maps lol)

I agree AP2 has pretty much reached parity now. I have been driving my AP1 til the end of last month so I know how AP1 has became in its current state.

It took them a while but they got it. Hopefully it starts taking off from here.
There’s still some object recognition, like speed limit signs, that need to be implemented, and I’d assume we’ll see stop sign recognition soon after when it comes, but apart from recognition the lane keeping and navigation of windy roads is getting quite good!
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Same here. Until I stop personally experiencing and hearing others deal with phantom braking on AP2 cars, we're not there yet.
AP1 isn't entirely immune to phantom braking either.

Certainly not to the degree that AP2 did during the initial 6 months.

I'm not aware of any adaptive cruise control that doesn't occasionally slow down when it's not supposed to. Especially in corners where radar only systems can get confused.
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Driving an AP2 loaner the last few days while my AP1 is in for annual service. My observations on local roads:

Lane centering equal with both.

AP2 better
AP2 handles cresting hills perfectly while AP1 does the "side to side search" when cresting hills.
AP2 doesn't "jerk" when you deactivate by resisting it steering.
AP2 seems to slow down when cars turning across your lane (although it is rather abrupt slowing).

AP1 better
What's with all the phantom braking with AP2?
AP2 doesn't seem to read the speed limit signs (or at least doesn't display them) as consistently as AP1

If it wasnt' for the phantom braking, which is really annoying, I'd give AP2 the nod. Until then waiting for my AP1 to be returned.
AP1, AP2, either one is better than the crappy “intelligent” cruise control in the 2018 Nissan Maxima rental I have been driving.
When traffic stops, it will stop the car. Then it will disengage.
So if you aren’t paying attention (like you should) it will rear-end the vehicle in front of you at about 2 MPH. Actively dangerous.
Driving an AP2 loaner the last few days while my AP1 is in for annual service.

Driving them both, side by side, for well over a year. Not seeking perfection after all its beta, and it will evenutally leapfrog with an advanced level of intelligence, but for now AP2 and its phantom braking, startling death grips, lane drifting, rail riding, poor curve & hill scaling is enough to deem it less reliable and relaxing for me.......sits in my garage looking damn good though. YMMV and it obviously does.
Lol, are you serious?! Grab your backpack:

Exhibit 1: https://www.google.com/amp/s/jalopn...rida-crash-got-numerous-warnin-1796226021/amp

Exhibit 2:
I'm not sure, but in neither of those does the car make the same type of error presumed to be in the CA accident (a lane line reading error). That Tesla's will run into *sugar* is well known, regardless of AP version. But EAP naturally has sui generis issues related to its different coding/neural net. The hope, of course, is that it will have sui generis benefits over AP1 at some point because of its different coding/NN.
There's one additional AP1/AP2 difference I've seen. My AP2 S won't change lanes when I have autosteer enabled on Rt.9, a divided turnpike that runs east-west across Massachusetts. I've twice had a loaner X with AP1 and it handles this lane change like any other.
I don't think AP2 is reading the lines just going off of GPS data. AP1 is reading lane markings which is why it seems to allow lane change where allowed.