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Swap Gen2 rear facing jump seat striker for Gen1 - San Diego

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I just bought RFS (rear facing seats) from a 2016 MS but the strikers that came with them are sticking out too much.
If anybody is getting their newer MS retrofitted with older RFS and wants to exchange their Gen1 strikers for my Gen2 strikers, ping me. I am located in San Diego.

I'm your man! Just installed mine and the strikers were too short. I thought I ordered second gen strikers but I guess I sent the wrong part number. I'm in WA State so if you want to ship yours over and I'll ship yours over we can swap them out. Should only be a couple bucks to ship. Mine are the 00-C part number.
Are you guys doing the jump seats after market? I was under the impression the rear well is reinforced at the factory only if you elect the jump seats as an option. That’s why Tesla doesn’t add the jump seats after assembly. Am I incorrect on this?
Kind of. It’s an additional reinforcement bar that you can install yourself. If you can find one that is as Tesla doesn’t sell them. The other things are standard, down to the perforations where the carpet/foam needs to pop out.

I installed my seats today actually. 2/10 difficulty.