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Swapping out USB ports

I'm replacing the USB ports on my 2013 Model S because one of my ports is broken. I have a new unit (see photo) and I want to make sure that I don't mess up anything in taking apart the console to replace the USB unit. Does anyone know the best and safest way to take it apart? I looked endlessly for videos to no avail and can't seem to locate any documentation. Any help would be appreciated.


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This is a real old thread, but I can't find an answer anywhere so I thought I'd post a solution after finally figured this out.

Start by removing the center armrest cover as described here: (see Premium Tesla Model S Rear Seat Cup Holders (PARZ) Review (teslarati.com))

From there, the following steps (I have a few pictures and can post a writeup maybe in a new thread):
Remove two big bolts on the rear console floor
Remove bottom trim from the front part of the console
Remove two big bolts now exposed
Lift whole console up (but don't remove it entirely), this gives you access to the side panels
Remove two side panels
Remove two screws on the sides
Lift plastic off metal
You can now see usb ports
Remove three cables and t20 two screws to remove assembly
T10 driver to remove the two screws holding on usb port to assembly
Replace usb assembly (I actually repaired mine, the fix was literally snapping it back together as it had come apart)

Reverse to reinstall...

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