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Sydney to Darwin road trip

Tomorrow morning, up early before the sparrows have even thought about starting to fart, I will be setting off on a road trip to Darwin from Sydney. I'm going to keep a video blog on a you-tube channel I've created and (hopefully) post every day.
Now, manage your expectations, I'm no Ray Martin as a presenter, and no Tesla Tom as a You tube video editor. But I'll give it a crack anyway.

This is my channel, there are a few intro video's already.

I'll be glad to be rid of this Sydney rain for the balmy blue skies of the north.

I suspect the higher than average energy consumption is due to cabin heating not the rain per se. Unfortunately under recent software updates, it now appears impossible to turn the heater off and just have the mechanical fan drawing in outside air (which uses next to zero power). Even when the climate control system says the “A/C” is off, and you are on manual fan setting, the heater will still be turned on if the temperature outside is lower than whatever “manual” temperature setting you have.

In previous software versions, turning the “A/C” off would mean only the mechanical fan operated, under all circumstances. This was great, either if you actually enjoyed the temperature of the air coming in, or wanted to save energy on a long trip.

Now the only way to stop this behaviour as far as I know is to turn the entire HVAC system off using the “IO” button. But that of course stops the mechanical fan as well and so cabin ventilation ceases unless you wind the windows down a bit. A pretty unsatisfactory state of affairs in my view and I wish the previous mode of operation returned.
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Well there you go... you learn something new every day. Thanks!

My car is pre heat-pump and the resistive heater is still a power hog that is noticeable enough that it impacts Wh/km. I wish I could turn it off but keep the fan on. I guess I could turn the manual temp down to 16 or 18 or something to stop it, but it‘s a clunky work-around and probably imperfect.
They don't want to be on plug share, so you've got to respect their wishes.

Fair enough. Assume you knew about it before hand though, as otherwise only the hotel in town.

On the chargers, think gm12 mentioned in the first video that they were picking up some in Brisbane. So assuming they borrowed from TOCA, probably one of the JuiceBooster2 units that has multiple tails and can do up to 22kW (if the car supports it)
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