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System faults after supercharging

I just took my Model 3 on its first road trip and everything went fine until the last Supercharger before I arrived. I already scheduled service but I was wondering if anyone else had this problem.

I supercharged and got it up to around 80% and when I went to get going again I received basically every system fault besides drive unit failure that can occur. ABS, stability and traction control, power steering, regen braking, and autopilot disabled. I called Tesla and we tried to reboot the car and the faults were still there. I decide to just drive the 15 miles to my destination and go into the local SC in the morning. As I drove home however all the faults began correcting themselves and when I got my destination and restarted my car everything was fine.

I decided not to get it fixed and just wait until I got home in a few days so I wouldn't disrupt my trip. On the way home it however happened with every supercharger stop with the exception of the last one which was only a 120 kw supercharger. Each time I had to drive for 10ish minutes and waited for the faults to clear and then power off the car and let it reboot and everything was fine. I think it's some kind of temperature sensor issue and once it cools down it is all fine. I have it going in for service next Wednesday I'm just curious if anyone has every heard of such a strange problem happening to a Tesla after supercharging.


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