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System Size Selection and VS local SMB installer

I am ready to go solar. If I go with Tesla panels, am I restricted to their system sizes as shown online? Or, can I choose, let's say a 5 kwh system instead of a 4 or 8? 4 is too small and 8 is an overkill for me.

I also got a quote from a friend of a friend who does solar installs. He's a small business owner so I am unsure how long he'll be around. He quoted $15k for 5.15 kwh system with REC black 325 panels with SE inverters. This quote includes taxes and fees and a panel upgrade. I do like the look of the Tesla panels because they appear to sit closer to the roof plus with the skirts all-around, but I am worried with all the negative reviews.

Also, going with a local installer has risks too, I would imagine. what if he folds next year and my inverters go down? Do I call SE or I SOL?
No disrespect to your friend of a friend, but solar is a long term investment in equipment that is almost guaranteed to require ongoing support and maintenance. Would you buy a car from a brand that had one small dealership, where they custom built the cars? Life gets interesting when something isn't running, and even more interesting if they go out of business.

There are alternatives to Tesla, but while they are likely not to be cost competitive, they are likely to have better customer service. I suggest that you read some of the other threads to get a feel for what Tesla customer support is and isn't. I didn't go with Tesla for my solar (they were in some disarray at the time) or my battery installer (they were way more expensive), though I did go with Tesla Powerwalls. I did go with high volume brands, with long track records of meeting their MTBF, so as not to have to rely on my local installer. So far, so good. Your mileage will vary!

Yes, you can adjust the sizes somewhat, although my $0.02 is go as large as you can. I think that the future trend is toward more EVs and electric heating and cooling.

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