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Tail light cracks, no impact

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I went to install the hansshow power trunk (nightmare btw) and before I started , I noticed all my rear lights were cracked. There are no impact marks, I can only suspect bad plastic. My car is a 2020, but delivered during the December push, so perhaps they rushed the quality. I have a Tesla mobile service scheduled and they quotes $450 if there are signed of impact (which there isn't) . Has anyone seen this ?
Indeed, looks 'within spec' and the quality.... well, its not there regardless of whether a Dec 2018, Dec 2019, or any other period or push.

Luckily should be fairly easy to get these replaced under warranty. Hope they give you new/newer revision units and not whatever is in the parts bin (can be as old as early 2018 part numbers).

Also hope you dont get one Americas (red turn signal) and one EMEA/APAC spec tailight (yellow turn signal). Happened before.
It also appears you have significant condensation in your taillights as well which is likely from water getting into the housing from the cracks. Odd indeed for this to have happened. Interested to hear about how Tesla handles this one. Keep us posted and good luck.
v11 is rumoured to retcon most of the various CANbus spliced mods or param readers... will need rework.

If a given power trunk/frunk doesnt touch the CANbus but taps into VC-Left 12V, might be ok. Search around and read all about it.
Update: Tesla replaced my lights, no problem. Granted, they did forget to bring the left side replacements , so this is being completed in 2 phases, but it's all covered. My tech said this is the first time he's seen this, but looks like some sort of defect, as there was no impact damage. Additionally, he helped me re-seat a price if trim I could not get right after the power lift gate install. All in all, 5outa5 in terms of service.
I'm having the same issue on three of my rear lights on my Model 3. It is an early release Model 3. Mobile service is coming in a few days, but despite having no impact or collision, they will "have to investigate if it is covered by warranty." Several days before noticing large cracks I had washed my car and thought I saw small, < 1 cm hairline cracks that I thought that I must have just not noticed before and thought that they were part of the assembly, but 2 days later, they were substantially larger and obviously not normal.
When I contacted Tesla, they said that it would be highly unlikely to occur without an impact, but the only way that an impact occurred is if my neighbor snuck into my driveway without my security camera seeing him/her and beat up my car.
The other thing of note is that the only light without cracks is the one that was replaced for fogging 2 years ago.
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Same issue here on one of the outer
(non-trunk hatch mounted) sub-assemblies. Tiny cracks which have grown over the past few weeks, propegated from the top.

No impact, no trunk slamming, and infrequent (weekend warrior) use.