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Taiwan forum?

Sure. For context, tesla started selling in Taiwan a few months ago and just opened a store this month, with service location and superchargers following. So I would imagine we have quite a bit to discuss soon.

I think it's likely the us models. I was just hoping we can create a forum as we will likely have lots more questions soon, such as dealing with the conservative apartment committee here about home charging installations
I'd second the request for a Taiwan forum.

Question for everyone who placed an order here--did you get your VIN? Any update on delivery?

For those who are planning on placing an order, my referral code is (snip)
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I ordered on July 2nd and got my vin end of sept. You?

Still no word except hopefully by January. They can't even tell me when I'll get the home charger.

On that note, happy news today! My apartment committee is okay with me installing the home charger at our parking. We live in Taipei.

Let's do update each other here until we got our own taiwan forum. Cool meeting other tesla taiwan owners here!
Tesla just announced the first servicing center in Taiwan! It'll be in neihu in Taipei near Costco.

I placed my order in 8/4 and received my VIN in the beginning of October (or it could've been end of September). What configuration did you order? Mine is a 75D with autopilot and SAS. I spoke to my OA and here are some updates regarding Taiwan:

1. The first supercharger will be in Taipei
2. Tesla has home charger installer they work with now. They will contact the owners 1-2 month prior to delivery for installation
3. All cars coming to Taiwan will have Autopilot 2.0 hardware but functioning as Autopilot 1.0--2.0 still needs government approval
4. The current pricing does not include import duty, but includes sales tax
Hsumacher, what configuration did you order?

I also just received a call from Orix, Tesla's lease partner in Taiwan. The lease to buy rate is good but the normal lease rate is not great due to the unknown reseal value. I wish Tesla would do a resale value guarantee in Taiwan like they did in Hong Kong.
Sure line group sounds useful. Hsumacher, I just messaged you.

My configuration is the cheapest 60s, ha, because this is already quite expensive for me and I don't think I need the extra speed or range. I got the sunroof, air suspension, faster charging and autopilot.

Jclin, surprised to hear about the first supercharger in Taipei as I previously heard Taichung. I won't complain though since I live in Taipei.

I would suggest checking with your apartment early on on home charging, unless you live in a house.

I think import duty is included in the current price. My owner advisor (sunny) confirmed. The price is already like a 40% higher than us and hk, so I hope that was included already.

Finally my vin is 5YJSA7E10GF1642xx. What's yours? (No worry if you don't want to share)
I think Taichung would make more sense as superchargers r really for long travel and Taichung is the midpoint of Taiwan west coast. But they may put one first in Taipei just because the major target market is in Taipei.

Yes its confirmed that anything in the first few months of 2017 would not have commodity tax, but import duty (already reflected in the price of car) can't be avoided.

Apartments r definitely a hurdle as u need to talk to ur building management in order to allow u to install a charger. I live in a house so I don't have to deal with that problem.

No VIN number for me yet!

What colors did u guys order?
My owner advisor went as far as saying cars imported after the commodity duty examption expires will have higher prices, but they will let buyers out of the contract if he cannot accept the higher price.

My VIN is 1653xx, still in production queue.

I think the biggest problem with charger installation is the separate meter. As long as you can get that they have very little reason to refuse. My building is small and when I brought it up no one objected.

I order the deep blue metallic, beige interior, 19" cyclone wheels, with pano roof.