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Take over without being in autopilot

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I mentioned something similar to this in a thread recently (though I can't seem to find where). In my case, I was driving with AS engaged, but then I dis-engaged AS by turning the wheel to make a quick lane change and I got the takeover warning as I was crossing into the other lane. Someone responded that they thought that was normal. I can't see how it is though...I was already steering!

But...in my case, I think TACC was actually still engaged, since I just turned the wheel. You didn't happen to have TACC engaged, did you? Maybe there's a bug there with TACC engaged...? Perhaps the takeover warning also implies taking over throttle control as well. Not sure..
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I've been having the same thing as @luckyj and been dealing with Tesla for months, they keep insisting it is normal. However, what @fasteddie7 is saying is he's seeing the hands holding the wheel picture - I don't get that with the manual lane change. I just get 'take over immediately, vehicle departing lane' which seems to be a different issue than what @fasteddie7 is describing.
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Does my video match what you experienced? And do you think the circumstances were the same - right after disengaging AP by steering across a lane line?

That is what I get sometimes when I disengage AP and quickly manually change lanes. I think I need to have it signal flash twice before changing lanes manually after disengaging to prevent the "warning". It seems to think AP is losing control of the vehicle even though AP has been manually disengaged.
Exactly. Does that sound like normal behavior to you? I keep getting responses that this is by design, and that AP remains active for up to 40 seconds after disengagement (?!?!).

They explained a use-case where someone accidentally disengages AP by lightly touching the brake. Then they get the warning when they leave the lane and are not touching the wheel.

This use-case, I can sort of understand. BUT, it doesn't match what is happening in my car because:
1. I AM touching the wheel - I'm forcing it to change lanes, I can't do that without my hands. And, the car knows I did that because I manually disengaged autosteer and it left TACC on - as intended.
2. I get the warning a second after being in the new lane! Surely if this was meant to warn someone the vehicle is leaving the lane it should warn before the vehicle's 4 wheels have crossed the line.
Here's one for the books. Just got 3 sequential "take over immediately" warnings with the red flash and hands holding the wheel on the display. The kicker: I wasn't using autopilot. Gonna try to catch this one on video.

Do you have the lane keeping alert on? I’ve never used it in my Tesla but my other vehicles if I didn’t use turn signals it would think I’m drifting out of the lane.
It's rather easy to replicate: on well marked lanes, with Autosteer engaged, keep a constant pressure on the wheel as if you were trying to overcome it (but staying just below the disengagement torque) and then disengage Autosteer (by pushing the stalk or braking, doesn't matter) and let go of the wheel immediately. Let the car drift for a second or two, and you'll trigger the "Vehicle Departing Lane - Take Over Immediately" warning.
My Ford was really sensitive about it. If I even got close to the lines it would pop up the warning that I need rest. Try turning it off and I think you’ll find it won’t cause those warnings. Tesla has probably increased the sensitivity or something.
I definitely don't have the lane departure warning enabled, I don't like it because it keeps activating on narrow roads where I have to drive in the bicycle lanes. Also I'm on 2018.10.4 and have had it since 2017.42 or something around that time when I first got the vehicle. Sometimes I get the warning several times within the hour, such as in the video. At other times I get a double warning where a new warning is generated while the first one is still showing. I don't believe it has something to do with the lane warnings.
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It's definitely not lane departure warning which is just a rumbling of the steering wheel.

I never saw it before 2018.12. I've seen it 2 or 3 times in 5 weeks. Always within 5 seconds if disengaging AP and manually changing lanes but always when I haven't signaled for a while. I'm not sure the signal had anything to do with it but in my limited experience that's the trigger.