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Taller Diameter Wheel or Smaller Diameter Wheel?

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Without overcomplicating this thread, I've heard Tesla's "like" a taller diameter wheel, they would rather a 20" or 19" then a 18" or 17". I know with regular ICE vehicles the size of the wheel can affect gearing, since we don't have gears how does it work for us? To set the line I use my Tesla for straight line drag racing, so I'm mainly looking to get down the track the fastest as possible of course. I know rotational mass is huge which is my main goal to cut down on now. I have my eyes on some Volk Racing TE37 SL Wheels but not sure which size to go for. Does anyone have any previous experience with dragy times with a smaller diameter wheel then with a taller diameter wheel or vice versa.

Keep in mind this set of wheels / tire I'd be purchasing would be ONLY for drag strip use. I just need to know if I should get a 19" wheel (weighs a little more then the 17" or 18" wheel) if the car likes it more. Or get the lightest possible 17" wheel with some light street drags.

Let me know your thoughts please!


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I don't know where you got all of that, but this guy got better 0-60 with smaller overall diameter setups. This may not apply to longer runs, where you may want to keep the motor RPM down more so you don't run out of voltage as early.

Yes, tires are gears no matter what car. If one revolution of the tire takes you farther, it's like a taller gear. Teslas have a 1 speed transmission and an "rear end" ratio inside just like any other car, and they do have a RPM vs torque curve.

can you elaborate further? Taller tires as in higher profile tires?

Reason i'm asking is because I've been considering going with 245/40 tires versus the OE 235/40 size for 19" wheels, but I was worried about how it would affect range, and to some extent the acceleration.
The motor becomes less efficient as it enters field weakening at about 80kmh, you can see it here! If you shorten the gearing (shorter tires) you'll shift the powerband towards the left.