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"Tap Key Card to Allow Driving" while driving!

The wife just got back from a trip to the store in the Model 3. We recently got our phones working as a Key Card (it was not connecting reliably before). At the store she unlocked the door with her phone in proximity by pulling on the driver handle. Then she went to open the trunk to put some items in the trunk. After that she got in the car and it wouldn't start since it had been more than 30 seconds since unlocking the driver door. She turned on her phone and started the app and that seemed to start the car. While she was driving home, as you can see her speed in the below pic, she got the "Tap Key Card to allow Driving" dialog box after about 5 minutes. Since she was close to home, she just continued and made it home without issue. Anyone else see this?

Since we have been using our key cards almost exclusively for the previous week, this seems related to Phone as a Key functionality.

If we see it again, we'll call Tesla to report it or maybe even create a bug report for the first time from the car.
We're on a trip from Seattle to CA so we have been driving the car a lot. I find that that dialog comes up somewhat frequently (maybe 5 times on this trip) after the car has started. I just select the "x" in upper left corner and it goes away. I'm still not sure why this happens but it doesn't seem to affect the car at all.
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Mine has done this twice... not sure if it was a coincidence but it was when we had both of our phones in the car (both setup as keys). Driving it all over town by myself I've never seen this message. I've never had any issues with my phone as a key either (Pixel 2). My wife's iPhone 7 is spotty so she has just been using the card key.
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