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Telescoping steering wheel problem

Hi everyone,

I've had a frustrating time with my steering wheel this week. Sunday, I learned I would need to make a 750 mile drive to Idaho to attend a funeral. In preparation, I hopped in the car Sunday night to make a snack run. I noticed that while my seat moved with the change from the easy entry profile to my profile, the steering wheel didn't telescope back out to its normal position.

I played around with it and while it would move up and down, it would not telescope at all. Nothing. No sounds, no prompt to save settings etc. I called Tesla support to see if they could reset it but they couldn't. They suggested that I stop by the SC in the morning on my way out of town. Even after moving my seat forward, it was an uncomfortable reach that I was not looking forward to for 750 miles.

Monday morning, the SC quickly checked the steering wheel and couldn't get it to telescope either. They hooked up a computer and put it in diagnostic mode and tried to move it with the computer rather than the control on the column to see if it was a bad switch. Ultimately, they said they didn't have a quick fix and I'd have to drive it as is and they would replace the steering column when I got back.

Monday night, after arriving at my destination, I went back out to the car and after stepping on the break pedal, all of the screens flashed and then rebooted. Since then, the steering wheel now telescopes with the button but not with the profiles. It will move up and down with the profiles but not in and out.

I called Tesla support to give them the update. This sounds like a software issue to me and I asked that they trigger a firmware update to completely reinstall everything but they said they couldn't and that only the SC could. I called the SC the next day and they want to wait and have me bring it in first. I think they are tired of people trying to get firmware updates for the new Navigation.

At any rate, it was a more comfortable drive back because I could extend the wheel out for an easy reach. I've got an appointment for next Tuesday and we'll see what happens.
I've had a similar problem for the last few weeks. About half the time I get into my MS, the steering wheel does not adjust to my profile position and the adjustment controls are completely dead. The seat adjusts just fine. The only remedy seems to be to get out of the car and let it turn off, then get back in and see if it works that time (it usually does). Telephone service was baffled.
I've been having this problem intermittently in my model S for the last month. Brought it into the SC, they were unable to reproduce or fix. Just figured out how to reproduce, will call SC tomorrow.

To reproduce: upon getting into the car, press the brake to start the seat and the steering moving to the driver's position. While it's still moving, start the sunroof opening. Then the steering column freezes and won't move until I power off from the controls menu.

Sounds like a software bug to me, will call SC tomorrow and see what they say.
We had the non-telescoping column problem right off the bat when we picked up our MX last June. When we got home from picking up the vehicle in San Diego, the SC replaced the steering column to solve the issue.
As mentioned above, I've been having a similar problem (intermittent failure), and phone service was also baffled when I spoke to them several weeks ago. It doesn't happen often. I've not received a software update since before it started (I'm still on 10.4), so I haven't the slightest idea if it's a hardware problem or not.

The somewhat odd part is that, a couple weeks ago, I got a call from Tesla service. They informed me that the parts were in and wanted to schedule an appointment. I hadn't the slightest idea what they were talking about, and it turned out that service just proactively ordered new steering column parts. I go in tomorrow morning.