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Temperamental charging behaviour at work (car, not me)

Posting this to find out who has a similar issue with the below charging scenario

My workplace has 15 Schneider Evlink J1772 chargers. My previous MS 70D charged fine with no issues for almost 3 years. Upgraded to MS 100D 3 weeks ago, drove to work and found regardless which charging station I pulled up to, the car wouldn't charge the moment it gets plugged in. Typically what happens is the port will flash green for a few seconds and turn red. Console would say 'Check Wall Power', and EVlink will glow red indicating fault.

I leave it plugged in and at some point during the day, it would start charging and continues until completion (90% in my case). It may take 2 or 3 attempts as the car intermittently checks in on the charger once a while (around every 15 minutes) but there was a whole day it didn't charge at all.

Another odd thing is the geofencing function could never register the charge amperage as it aways defaults back to 72A the next day at work.

I have not heard grumblings from the other 5 Tesla owners.

The car charges fine @home and so far all the public charging stations (ChargePoint & FLO).

Emailed SC, gave them the timestamps via TeslaFI , got back to me saying diagnostics ran fine.

Love the Model S, I'm pretty chilled about not charging immediately since the time I spend at work is so long that it'd finish charging regardless when it starts plus my battery pack last longer due to it's size so not charging for the day is not a killer. The gem is getting the EV spot

Just wondering whether my MS is somehow more sensitive to fluctuations and cuts outs as a protective mechanism ?

Any thoughts welcomed.
Suggest trying a different J1772 adapter, swap with another Tesla owner... see if the problem moves with the adapter. Maybe it's dirty?

I was starting to get real intermittent startup of UMC charger at work.. to the point of wiggling the charge handle would disrupt charge, getting blue, light blue, sometimes red rings.. wiggling got it green again..

Then I cleaned the UMC plug and the charge with Qtips and contact cleaner ... thoroughly.

Insta-green plug in now...
Here's something that is a possibility. With your previous 70D, did it just have the old 40A single charger in it? And now, when you switched to your 100D, it has the 72A charger, right? I am guessing that the circuits of those charging stations are either installed incorrectly or just somewhat badly with marginal connections or wiring. So perhaps the stations are sending the signal that they would be capable of 60A or something, but their wiring is so bad or they are on the wrong size breaker that when the car actually tries to take that much, it trips a fault in the charging station.

So try setting your car to something like 38A before plugging it in, and see if it charges smoothly like it did with your old car.
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Thanks for the responses. Yes, the the 70D was limited at 40A. You might have a point about the those charging stations not configured properly and tripping their breakers when the car tries to draw too much. I will try at a lower amp to see what happens.

Re: Adaptor change. I initially thought it was faulty adaptor, switched mine with my wife's and the same deal still happened. I'll clean those charging heads to be extra sure.