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Temperature management

How is the temperature management working for you inside the car?

I've had multiple cases where the vents would suddenly start cooling down the car when the temperature was clearly not warm enough (and it was very cold outside). Like if the car was thinking it was definitively too warm so needed to cool the air. I've had that multiple times and was wondering if this was a recurring issue for others or was just a problem for me.

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Yep, I've experienced this too! 99% of the time, my system is set to 69 degrees; full auto and am typically pleased with the results. But, there are times when the system self-adjusts and leaves me scratching my head. Then again, my 2004 BMW 330CI would exhibit the same behavior, so...nothing is perfect!
I find that the AC will sometimes disengage and it takes a couple of minutes for it to activate again. So far I haven't found any patterns. This happens when outdoor temperatures are well above being cold, and it's dry, so humidity isn't a factor. The car may be 120 degrees inside, the AC will fire up and start cooling the car down, and then a minute later it starts blowing hot air. I can turn the AC temp down, turn the AC on/off. Turn the entire HVAC system off and back on. But only after a couple of minutes will it suddenly decide to start cooling again.