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Terrafugia: Tesla like electric airplane ?

Cool video, but not very energy efficient. 1 MW to lift off the ground vs 1 MW to go 3,000 miles in a Model S (After charging inefficiencies).

From the company that brought us the not yet in full production flying car. A vehicle that neither flies nor drives well for a base price of $280,000.

I'm sure there are talented engineers there but cars and airplanes have diametrically opposed design briefs.
To the industry's surprise Chinese car giant Geely bought Terrafugia. Somebody who was supposed to assess Terrafugia concepts' viability, screwed up evidently.

Talked to one of Terrafugia's principals. He told me that they rather continue to do what they have been doing
for over a decade (cause that's what they sold to Geely), then assessing solutions by outsiders.

His answer comes down to what came to be known as NIHS, the Not Invented Here Syndrome.
My solution basically comes down to making the flying and the driving things modular.
Airbus thought similarly. Mine is better though ;-)

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