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Tesla AI day: Q3

He'll answer what the hell he means by "real-world AI". Obviously, he'll discuss Dojo progress.

I'm assuming "real-world AI" has to do with:
Inferring a real-world object's future state (position / velocity / intention) with NNs
Factoring in object permanence (most recent update 2021.4.15 is doing this with cones)
Elon said:
Major improvements are being made to the vision stack every week. Beta button hopefully next month. This is a “march of 9’s” trying to get probability of no injury above 99.999999% of miles for city driving. Production Autopilot is already above that for highway driving.

While perhaps obvious in hindsight, it turns out that the only way to solve self-driving is to solve a big part of real-world AI. That is what Tesla is doing, both in hardware & software. Unless a company is good at AI with tight compute, it’s hopeless. This is insanely hard.

Certainly one of the largest. A company whose name rhymes with Shmoogle is pretty far ahead. But I think we’re the leader in shallow-minded AI haha!
Theory: Main reason for A.I. / autonomy day 2 is a recruitment effort. Tesla will razzle and dazzle about all the hard AI problems they are working on and try to recruit top AI researchers and engineers.

Yes. It will also be a marketing effort like Autonomy Day was. Tesla will razzle and dazzle investors and fans to create a lot of positive buzz. Tesla fans will make videos about how Tesla is the "king of AI" and it is "game over" and Tesla has "won".
Probably. It is weird how the TSLA price often does the opposite of what is expected like going down when Tesla releases a good quarter report.
Funny you say that - I was just looking at the last 3 quarters - SP went down when the surprise was small negative (Q4), small positive (Q3) and large positive (Q2).

ps : But after big events like the battery day, FSD day, Model Y reveal etc - SP goes up before the event and down after. Buy the speculation, sell the news.
Elon from China A.I. conference July 2020 last year.
Interesting quote: Autopilot works best in California because that is were the engineers are.
From extension to that: autopilot works best in the bay area. I notice that the strongest proponents of FSD on twitter are in the bay area.
And yet it still doesn't understand the time-based HOV lanes on I-80, nor the left-side HOV exits.
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