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Tesla all but confirms Cybertruck production delay until 2022

Tesla has all but confirmed that Cybertruck production is going to be delayed into next year.

After unveiling the Cybertruck in 2019, Tesla said that the electric pickup truck would make it to market by the end of 2021.

The automaker has not officially updated that timeline since.

With that deadline being only months aways and only very little evidence of progress toward production, Tesla was asked twice during the release of its earnings results about Cybertruck production, and the company spokespersons mostly danced around the question.

The automaker never confirmed that it would be delayed, but it strongly hinted that it would be.

In its shareholders letter, the automaker mentioned “progress” toward production, but it only wants to confirm that Cybertruck production is coming after Model Y production at Gigafactory Texas, which is planned to start “by the end of the year.”

We are also making progress on the industrialization of Cybertruck, which is currently planned for Austin production subsequent to Model Y.
In the same document, Tesla updates a chart quarterly about its vehicle production capacity, and it still only mentions the Cybertruck production as “in development” rather than “construction”:


This is confirmed by drone flyovers of Gigafactory Texas, which shows a lot of work happening inside of the Model Y section of the factory under construction, while the Cybertruck section appears to still be mostly empty inside.

During a conference call following the release of Tesla’s Q2 results, the automaker was asked directly about the status of Cybertruck production.

In one question, Tesla was even asked if it could “confirm” that production is still planned for this year, and it couldn’t do it.

Lars Moravy, vice president of vehicle engineering at Tesla, responded instead:

Cybertruck is at a stage where we finished basic engineering of the architecture of the vehicle. With the Cybertruck, we are redefining how a vehicle is being made. As Elon said, it carries much of the structural pack and large casting design of the Model Y being built in Berlin and Austin. Obviously, those take priority over the Cybertruck, but we are moving into the beta phases of Cybertruck later this year and we will be looking to ramp up production at Giga Texas after Model Y is up and running.
He stopped short of confirming that production isn’t going to start until next year, but if the automaker is still in the alpha stage of the program and it is waiting for Model Y to reach volume production, it sounds unlikely that we will see the electric pickup truck this year.

CEO Elon Musk was also asked about whether or not he expects challenges in bringing the Cybertruck to production, and he said that he believes the Cybertruck might be Tesla’s best product yet, but also the most difficult.

Electrek’s Take​

While Tesla clearly appears hesitant in officially delaying the Cybertruck, I think it’s better if we forget about any chances of seeing the electric truck this year.

Otherwise, I think we are setting ourselves up for disappointment.

On top of Tesla deploying the production capacity itself, it looks like 4680 battery cells are going to be an important bottleneck into at least some time next year.

Musk even revealed during the call that Tesla has a backup plan to use 2170 cells in the new Model Y to be produced at Gigafactory Texas and Berlin until the 4680 is available and can enable the structural battery pack architecture.

I don’t think Tesla can do that with the Cybertruck and still achieve its promised specs and prices.

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Potential good news regarding 4680 cell production from Aug 27th:

... and keep in mind that Tesla's "current" 4680 cell design is only "tabless" on the Anode electrode- the Cathode electrode still has a conventional conductor tab. Moving forward, and according to Tesla's patent filing.. they will at some point introduce a real, completely "tabless" cell where both anode and cathode electrodes are "tabless". CT and Semi will start off with the single tab "tabless" cells, then most likely get true "tabless" cells once the production of those cells is possible.
Potential good news regarding 4680 cell production from Aug 27th:

Not sure it's actually good news since when during the earnings call and new battery update, Musk referred to the cathode issue as trying to squeeze out the last 10% of efficiency. That'd mean that they were already at 90% and not the 70-80% this article is reporting.
Nope. Limit start end of 22 and full scale beginning of 23. Unless I missed something.

Musk confirmed that Tesla doesn’t expect to start Cybertruck production until the end of 2022.

Furthermore, the CEO noted that there’s so much new technology in the electric pickup truck that the production ramp-up is going to be very difficult.

He doesn’t expect volume production to be achieved until late 2023.
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We can wait... I'd rather have it done right vs. fast....

I took my 2021 Model Y delivery in Nov 2020, I missed out on double pane glass, auto-dimming side mirrors, heated steering wheel, etc... all very nice value added features.
Exactly why I waited two days to place my first reservation and two months for the second reservation. Work dem kinks out before you get to mines, please.
Exactly why I waited two days to place my first reservation and two months for the second reservation. Work dem kinks out before you get to mines, please.
I waited a few hours and wish I’d moved faster. Then ordered a second one almost a year later. Get the early one and play with it for a couple of years while waiting for the perfected one.
Seeing news today that there are indications the Cybertruck is delayed indefinitely based on Tesla removing the ”nears production in 2022” commitment from the Cybertruck reservation page.

Now it just says "You will be able to complete your configuration as production nears."
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