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Tesla announces eight-year warranty for Model S and Model X

Maybe the article should get the facts correct and a correct link URL:


2-Year Extended Warranty Insurance
Extend the manufacturer warranty up to 2 years or up to 40,000 kilometres, whichever comes first.

4-Year Extended Warranty Insurance
Extend the manufacturer warranty up to 4 years or up to 80,000 kilometres whichever comes first.

For vehicles ordered and/or delivered prior to 30 March 2018, the Extended Warranty Insurance can be purchased while your vehicle is still within the manufacturer’s warranty timeframe (i.e. your car is not older than 4 years and has not exceeded 80,000 kilometres).

Extended Warranty Insurance
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My warranty document has updated under My Documents in my Tesla account, and it quite explicitly says the warranty is 8 years 160,000km with no stipulation on manufacture or purchase date. This is despite a specific stipulation in the power train warranty section for the km limitation that applies to the original 60kWh batteries (pre-2015 manufacture). It's hard to see how this is a mistake, so maybe (just maybe) Tesla are actually extending the warranty for everyone.
It seems that everyone has gotten the same updated warranty document.
I fear that Tesla may have done so in error and will shortly rescind it.
If they don't, then that will be one of the most generous acts any car company has ever done to its loyal customers!
Actually, the 8 years unlimited for the battery set the stamdard and now they have effectively given us the 8 years/160000 km warranty.
Arguments not permitted.
I got my model s delivered yesterday 03/4/2018, check with them today, be told it not covered by 8 years!
So disappointed with them!

From the Cars Guide article,

Electric carmaker Tesla has introduced an eight-year new car warranty in Australia for its Model S and Model X vehicles.

The eight-year plan is the longest currently available on the market by duration, besting the excellent seven-year cover offered by Kia, as well as promotional warranty plans that span seven years from the likes of Holden.

It is effective for vehicles purchased as of March 30, 2018.
Ok so with the original extended warranty, you paid something like $4500 for an extra 4 years + 80,000km but each item to be replaced was at a cost of $200 and not as many items were covered as the original 4 year warranty.
Is the new extended warranty the same or is it a full 8 year 160 warranty like new owners get?
Got an email from Tesla this morning which mentioned that if you want the extended warranty, you'll get "promotional pricing" for the first 180 days, after that the pricing will be fixed, might be worth upgrading in the next 175 days?

"Pricing is determined by the state or territory in which your vehicle is registered and the time of purchase of Extended Warranty Insurance. Owners receive promotional pricing in the first 180 days after the launch of Extended Warranty Insurance in Australia. After 180 days, pricing is set.
For details on pricing, eligibility, and purchase details, contact the dedicated Extended Warranty Insurance team at 1300 393 041 or email [email protected]"
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One good thing is that this longer warranty would not be offered if Tesla was finding lots of repairs on their 4+ year cars.

I serviced mine at 20,000km/1 year, but then totally forgot about it. I'm now 63,000km and the reason I forgot is that the car feels the same, not blowing black smoke, no ignition trouble, no flat battery (although I've been to 2% :) ).

I have a feeling that aside from basic things like door handle issues, the fundamental vehicle is proving to be very reliable.