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Tesla App Misidentifying Car Charging as Home Usage

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Problem: Car charging frequently "drops out" of the app, resulting in a corresponding spike in home usage. This will happen fairly consistently during scheduled charging sessions, where the first hour or two of charging shows correctly, and then the latter part of the charge session showing as home usage. It happens consistently during Solar charging sessions as well. Car charges normally, so this is just a 'cosmetic' issue, but I would like to have my data recorded correctly. The car shows the correct power usage on the front Energy page, even while this issue is occurring.
Confusingly, sometimes I will go back to days I remember this issue being present, and the data will be correct again, so it seems like it's some kind of algorithmic thing. I've actually seen this reassignment of data happen in real time.

Compounding factors: I use the ChargeHQ app to track excess solar and funnel that to the appropriate areas (I don't use Tesla's built in CoS because it doesn't work consistently enough, in my experience). I additionally have Google Fiber internet, though I don't know if that's the issue.

Theories: 1: Weak wifi connection (my routers aren't super powerful). 2: ChargeHQ doesn't play nice with CoS or the Tesla Wall Connector, once it's hooked into the App.

Anyone else have this issue or hear of it happening? Again, this is not really a problem, more of a first-of-the-first-world-problem. But it still bugs me to no end :)


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From my understanding… the raw data in Tesla's API does not differentiate between car charging and home usage. The Tesla app does some of it's own math/shenanigans to show you the two separately, but it doesn't always work. So your comment about it being an algorithmic thing is correct.

So anyone hooking up into the API is going to have to do manually figure it out.
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