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Tesla App Question

It is pretty choppy and drops quickly. I only ran it for 6 hours or so to test. Sense show a max of 10.9 (it may started clipping there) but it was nice and constant. Nice sunny day here. I don't expect much more than 11 as my two Tesla inverters have a combined max of 11.4.
this is when my CTs were not installed correctly

Mine is solid. It say 9.6 kWh total vs 32 on Sense.

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you need to show us the tesla app, with all the sources turned on (all 4 bubbles, home, solar, grid, and if you have them powerwalls).

If you dont have powerwalls you may not have that level of monitoring.

Is it possible that your sense app is showing you "total" kWh, while whatever you are looking at from tesla is "net" (as your home is consuming some load?)

If I had to guess, I would say that you could be looking at tesla app reporting what you pushed back to the grid, while sense is showing what the total production was (not counting home consumption).