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Tesla Approved Repair Shops and Claims Questions

Our car had a minor fender bender. The great news is 100% not our fault, and the dash cams prove it. We live on Vancouver Island and I am being told there are no Tesla approved repair shops on the entire island. So it seems to get the car repaired via insurance, it has to go all the way to Vancouver to get minor auto-body work.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem?
Are there multiple repair shops, or can only a Tesla service centre work on teslas?
Who pays to get the car over to Vancouver if it wasn't drivable? (Ferries without a tow is $100 each way) Is that covered by ICBC insurance?

If what I am being told is correct, this is ridiculous and a serious knock against buying a Tesla. We have our reservation number for the cyber truck, but am thinking against it if this is the type of hassle it takes for minor cosmetic repairs.

Thanks for any help