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Tesla "Barclays/Lloyds" PCP Finance Question....


Just curious about how the finance works with the delivery etc.... Am I correct in my assumptions below:
  1. Design car in studio
  2. Apply for finance through site " let's assume approved"
  3. You place your order via studio, pay the £4k fee
  4. Wait for delivery confirmation
Once approved for the lease, am I correct in thinking it basically sits there like a guarantee until the car is ready, then prior to vehicle collection you pay whats left of your deposit and the finance kicks in when you get the vehicle and then I guess my next question is lets say I order today and defer delivery till August I'm guessing that would cause an issue with the PCP if it was basically 6 months from approval?

I think you have it all covered.

I am at the stage where -

1. Completed
2. Completed - Accepted/Approved
3. Order placed
4. Delivery tentatively confirmed 15th/16th March

5. Remainder deposit balance paid.

Just waiting for final delivery confirmation and collection :D
totally irrelevant but drove mine today for first time on proper snowy roads.
Complete pussycat even in fairly tricky conditions.

quite boring really as I was expecting it to be a 700hp nerve racking thrill ride, but actually was safe as you like.

Damn these cars are good.

Hopefully all the salt n crud will be gone by the time you folks get yours.
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I suggest you talk to Tesla before assuming it’s easy to defer delivery, it can be done but if it’s months they may not want to.

Also, why defer to Aug? New reg comes out in Sept.