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Tesla black touch up paint

I haven’t applied any Tesla touch-up paint, but there are some great tricks applying using a tooth pick or a chewed-off plastic dabber.

Two pieces of advice:

1) Watch this video. Larry Kosilla is one of the best detainers in the world. The tips are legit:
He has a newer video using syringes (I kid not) but this one is very DIY friendly.

2) When you apply the touch-up paint, let it dry and then cure for at least a week. That sounds crazy long, but there’s a reason. With curing some touch-up paint can shrink a LOT. By a lot I mean something that can be a dry, rock-hard lump a day later can be a concave crater a week later just based on the paint fully curing and off-gassing. If you sand or polish too early to level it you can be increasing the depth of the crater. Apply. Walk away. Drive as normal, and reassess in a week. Good luck.

Addition: Langka (sp?) is effective as a ‘flattener” and is more DIY-friendly than sanding.