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Tesla block supercharger


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May 3, 2019
Thing is, even with a HV inspection everything looks & tests ok today, but what structural/mechanical damage has been done - you could be one pothole away from catastrophic failure. Even if Tesla inspect the car, they have no idea what damage was done or how it has been repaired. From a Tesla perspective it’s not worth the risk.
If structural or technical damage has been done and a pothole away from failure then I think supercharging is the least of the problems
I bought a salvage Tesla model 3 long range 2021 had some side damage. Been repaired now with the hv inspection passed. Been driving for about a year with supercharger working. Just last month got blocked. Any know if this can be reactivated or know someone that can do it.
Sorry… but no. I think tesla used to make it so the car could get a recertification, but I think they stopped that. I would watch some of Rich Rebuilds videos on it.
This is an interesting point... In The Netherlands, for example, it's allowed for non-Tesla's to charge at Superchargers. Tesla doesnt know if those cars are salvage cars at all. Which could be potentially dangerous, assuming it's the charging that Tesla wants to avoid. Of course having a Tesla 'catch fire' would be worse then a non-Tesla.
I question the whole legality of Tesla using dmv information to interfere with an owners car. They basically scan their vin on a periodic basis and if dmv info comes up with a branded title they:

1 remove supercharging
2 remove preconditioning
3 limit any dc fast charging to 50kw

That’s all done without permission, over the air, by Tesla.

I’m not a lawyer but this seems illegal - using public data to use at their will to harm owners of cars to which they have no lien or entitlement to
Well, from a liability perspective, Tesla is obviously liable for their cars and not other brands. I find it quite reasonable that they block supercharging on salvaged cars as these are likely to have had an impact that caused some damage to the battery pack. That is likely the top reason why an EV is considered not cost-effectively repairable. It would be interesting to hear of anyone who have replaced the battery pack through Tesla (by Tesla) on a salvaged car and whether that made it eligible for supercharging.
Any Tesla can drive over a curb, not know they damaged the battery, and nothing is inspected or salvaged. Your argument is moot. Salvaged does not mean the battery is damaged just like you drive your car to work does not mean your battery is damaged. I’m really tired of these pretend scenarios that have no basis on real data.

Also Tesla is not liable for cars they DONT OWN! They may be liable for general engineering problems that affect all cars but not for anything with a branded title
Sorry you’ve stumbled across the Atlantic into a UK thread. DMV doesn’t have jurisdiction here 😁
Ah, sorry. Hard to see that when using phone. But still, Tesla or any company of any product needs to lay hands off products they don’t own unless they offer something like an update that the owner gets to allow or disallow
What makes you think Tesla is allowed to certify cars they don’t own?

You can be sure that a dmv certifies cars roadworthy via title. You think they ask for teslas opinion too?
Not sure where I said that Tesla is or should be allowed to. I said there is no mechanism for them to do so, which puts them in a situation with allowing SC usage. Nothing about operating it on the road. SUPER... CHARGING... The real Britney would be disappointed.


Oct 31, 2021
It's about reputation.

If a non Tesla car goes up in flames while supercharging (on an open SuC) the media won't be having a field day saying "Tesla car goes up in smoke". The word Tesla would be substituted for another brand. So, they are protecting their brand reputation by blocking salvage cars from SuCs. It's an interesting legal point: does their right to protect their brand supersede the owner's right or expectation to use the car as it was intended to be used (ie, with superchgargers)? Secondly, does the owner have any contractual right to use a supercharger? I'm guessing not, if Tesla says they don't (as is the case for these salvaged cars).

I'm surprised this hasn't been tested in court (at least, in the US).

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